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Age of Rebellion - (SWA02) Core, , MB Age of Rebellion - (SWA30) Strongholds of, Download Age of Rebellion - Strongholds of Resistance (SWA30) [OCR+].pdf. stronghold on Imperial Center, once the resistance have sprung to life, waiting for For more information about the Star Wars: Edge of the Empire line, free.

Though Chandrilans have often been outspoken in public debate about their negative feelings toward Imperial rule, the Empire has largely left their world alone. They have continued to self-govern, despite the appointment of Sector Moff Kohl Seerdon and Chandrilan Governor Holleck after the formation of the Empire. However, it has became apparent that a large percentage of Rebels hail from Chandrila or Alderaan.

While the Rebel victory at Yavin prevented Chandrila from suffering Alderaans fate, its citizens began paying for Mon Mothmas defiance.

Palpatine replaced Gov ernor Holleck with the ambitious Gerald Weizel, and ordered Chandrila blockaded until the second Death Star becomes operational. Moff Seerdon, with four Imperial Star Destroyers, oversaw the blockade person ally. He launched TIE bomber strikes against Chandrilas spaceports as a prelude to martial law. However, Seer don did not have the foresight to account for the Alli ances determination to protect Chandrila.

When Rogue Squadron intervened, they quickly broke the blockade, saving the spaceports, and forcing an Imperial retreat. With the addition of inter diction ships, this has created an indirect blockade too large for the Rebels to break, which, combined with strict new tariffs on foodstuffs, has hurt Chand rilas economy considerably.

Despite all this, Chand rila leaves its Imperial garrison in peace, though the Chandrilan Defense Fleet stands ready to annihilate the facility from orbit at the slightest provocation by the stranded Governor Weizel. Citizens rely on smug glers to bring supplies to and from Chandrila.

Politics and debate are ingrained in Chandrilan daily life. The public education system considers political activism and policy discussion as central educational subjects on par with the arts and sciences.

Cities are built around central rotundas, public forums for highlevel discourse. Within the rotunda, governors debate one on one with transient farm hands, and both are given equal voice and footing. The Chandrilan courts likewise resolve disputes through debate and negotia tion. Appointed barristers and advocates are rare, as most Chandrilans prefer self-representation. Debate is sacred on Chandrila as a way to seek truth. While any means of making a point is consid ered valid, locals are well versed in both argumenta tive techniques and current events.

As such, it is diffi cult to win arguments by employing personal attacks, fear tactics, distractions, lies, or false choices. The most powerful orators on Chandrila combine empiri cal facts with emotional connections. The Empires dissolution of the Imperial Senate was a smack to the face for Chandrilas democratic principles. Despite having little in the way of military assets, Chan drilans are overwhelmingly united in their abhorrence of Imperial policy.

Though Chandrila remains divided on the issue of armed insurrection, most Chandrilans at least sympathize with the Rebels. Many others still believe a diplomatic solution is possible, and that vio lence only distracts from a return to negotiation. Second only to Chandrilans' passion for politics is their advocacy for their environment.

Index of /public/Books/ Wars RPG - FF/Age Of Rebellion/

In one of the few instances of government interference in the lives of its citizens, Chandrila has strict laws prohibiting families from having more than one child. These laws were ratified by every city on the planet, forcing fami lies to apply for special permits to have additional children. This policy has kept their population at just over a billion for millennia. A peaceful planet that purportedly helped found the Republic, Chandrila was an agriworld from the start.

The planet has no natural predators, and the farmers who colonized the world thought it an idyl. The support of native animal species is likewise important to the Chandrilans. Squalls are allowed to hop and scurry wherever they like, and children often keep them as pets. Cairnmogs and blackbacks. The Cladean State Parks provide special habitats for endan gered plant species to preserve them for future generations. Chandrilan House, the planetary government, also ensures the envi ronment is protected from corpo rate pollution.

As a result, the face of Chandrila has remained largely unchanged for millennia. While most Chandrilans consider a nature walk and a good debate entertainment enough, they have other hobbies as well.

The Latest //

Boating, sailing, and yacht ing are all popular, and Chandrila supports and reg ulates recreational fishing, spirited regattas, and even sun jammer racing. Solar sailors gather on Chandrila every year after harvest to participate in the Chandrilan Cometary Games, an annual sun jammer race.

Thanks to a wealth of fresh fruits, vegetables, and ranch ing, Chandrila is lauded for its native cuisine. Chandrilan squall tendermeat with a fresh colla sauce is served at Imperial-class restaurants throughout the Core. Chandrilan produce is also distilled into brandies and fermented into fine wines. The most well-known vin tage is Chandrilan Blue ', made from Chandrilan grappaberries grown in vineyards outside Nayli.

Chandrilans feverishly support the arts, particularly the Vaathkree art of flat-sculp, a form of painting. Sculp comes in malleable, translucent, easily pig mented sheets. Artists shape dozens or even hun dreds of the thin layers and stack them to create an effect similar to that of stained glass.

Dance and spo ken word poetry readings are also popular on stages small and large across the planet. The live theater and holovid community also thrive on Chandrila. It has been a favorite spot to build holiday estates and retirement homes for the wealthy, and it is a dream vacation for most families. The city began as a fish ing village on the gentle slope that connects the Silver Sea to the elevated Lake Sahot. The Debate Rotunda. The rest of the down town area spreads haphazardly along eighteen kilo meters of oceanfront.

The greater metropolitan area is much larger, doubling the length of property along the Silver Sea and stretching north toward the vaca tion estates encircling Lake Sahot. While an interest in politics is common across Chan drila, it is central to daily life in Hanna City. Debates spread across the city at all hours, through bars, shops, cafes, and homes. When most galactic citizens think of someone from Chandrila, they envision an opinionated political pundit from Hanna City.

Chandrilans, meanwhile, grow frustrated with Imperial overreach enabled by the lack of politi cal engagement exhibited by the rest of the galaxy. Each building is a squat, twenty-story cylinder a kilometer in diameter.

Circling the edges are countless hangar bays equipped with tractor beams that direct incoming traffic. Ships up to meters long are able to land atop these buildings, but larger vessels must remain in orbit. The Chandrilan Security Force controls the space port. Customs' biggest concern is with foreign organ isms and parasites that might damage Chandrila's pristine ecosystem.

Imperial customs vessels worked from orbit until ousted a year after the Battle of Yavin, but they were concerned only with possible Rebels and smugglers. Suspected Rebels were detained at the Imperial garrison for interrogation and eventually sent offworld to stand trial or serve a prison sentence. However, all of the governors convene at Chandrilan House to dis cuss, debate, and set policy on matters that impact the entire planet.

While policy debates occur frequently on the House floor, the real work of consensus building hap pens in public rotundas and behind closed doors. Despite the Imperial presence, most of Chandrila sympathizes with the Rebel Alliance. In her exile, Mon Mothma frequently sends envoys and delegations to Chandrila to find new allies and convince old ones to increase their support. Since the rise of the Empire, the institute has learned to keep any controversial findings secret, for fear of Imperial censorship.

In the past, the Empire has closed the institute down and confiscated its stores of Jedi artifacts, citing public safety concerns.

Adventurous professors, assisted by their best stu dents, lead archaeological excursions to rediscover the ancient past and other secrets of the universe. Recently, the institute discovered a potential dig site in its own backyard. Small artifacts discovered in Chandrilas Crystal Canyons date back thousands of years and are thought to be connected to the fabled Jedi Order.

The institutes public areas feature a variety of exhibits exploring periods of Chandrilan history, the Ringali Shell, and the galaxy as a whole. Currently, the feature exhibit is The Courage of Palpatine, which details his bravery during the Clone Wars. It is the least-attended exhibit in the institutes history.

The tavern overflows with limmie memorabilia, including a Cael Hanarist Team Alderaan jersey. Holoscreens show both live and classic matches, as well as famous cultural events and retrospectives tied to the royal family and important landmarks. In the wake of Alderaans destruction, the club became a haven for homesick survivors. While Chan drila may look different from Alderaan, the culture is similar enough to draw refugees from across the gal axy.

The club is a breeding ground for anti-imperial sentiment. Rebel agents frequent it looking for pro spective recruits. Late at night, shadowfeed footage of Alderaans destruction and interviews with famous survivors are shown to inspire Imperial opposition. The academy is built into the terraced foot hills between Hanna City and Lake Sahot. For the first two years, cadets train in a well-rounded leadership and ethics program that emphasizes team building exercises and small-unit tactics.

Upon com pletion, they advance to their specialization. Army cadets focus on unit maneuvers, walker and speeder operation and tactics, the law, police work, and disas ter relief.

Naval cadets learn about starfighters, capi tal ships, defense stations, customs law, and logistics. While not nearly as prestigious as nearby military academies on Carida, Corulag, or Raithal, Brionelle is still well respected.

Graduates have little trouble obtaining posts in the Chandrilan Security Force, and the top cadets are sought by the Empire and Alli ance.

The Chandrilan habit of questioning and debat ing authority often limits graduates' potential in the Empire; many eventually desert their posts to join the Rebel Alliance. Major General Kalnor, a cold tactician with a reputation for unorth odox methods and a record of accomplishing the impossible, commands the garrison.

Kalnor loves to share his brilliance with others, and he can often be found discussing tactical matters with his junior offi cers, or guest lecturing at the Brionelle Academy. Between the garrison and the academy, the gov ernors mansion stands proudly, draped in Imperial bunting.

Governor Holleck was an aged veteran of the Clone Wars, ill-equipped to deal with the political machinations of the Chandrilans.

Elis poor steward ship ended when the Emperor forced his retirement and replaced him with Gerald Weizel, a protege of Grand Admiral Tigellinus. Weizel exhibits much more subtlety and political savvy than his predecessor. The shoreline is a haphaz ard collection of beaches, reef diving piers, and wharfs. Toward the western shore just south of the spaceport is the Flanna City Harbor. The harbor is home to thou sands of fishing trawlers and it has a popular fresh sea food market.

Rebel agents often hide arms and other vital equipment destined for the Alliance within crates of particularly foul-smelling crustaceans to avoid close inspection by customs. Only the wealthiest Chandrilans call Lake Sah'ot home.

Here, the political and corporate elite own vacation estates known as dachas, usually with small ranches and vineyards or orchards. As yachting and fishing are popular activities on the lake, the wealthy often have small piers or docks on their lakefront property. Agents of the Alliance charter smaller fishing boats as cover for secret meetings with fellow dissidents or to solicit financial support from wealthy sympathizers.

An academy with respected programs in genetics and applied physics, the Chandrilan Academy of Sciences was once a simple agricultural college. Chandrilan poli tics has always favored education, and it was not long before the academy attracted many of the brightest scientific minds in the Core Worlds. The Empire recruits talented graduates for military programs, tempting scientists with lucrative grants and unparalleled facili ties. ChandrilTech also prowls the graduate listings for future droid and sensor engineers and designers.

The reserve comprises dozens of square kilometers of light tintolive forest stretching over rocky foothills. Within, cairnmog lizards and blackback birds of prey hunt squall and smaller rodents, living much as they did before agrifarms overtook the planet. Hunting permits can be acquired in Hanna City, though they are seasonal and strictly controlled.

The game reserve is the only remaining place on Chandrila where civilians can carry lethal weapons. Hunts for the elusive blackback bird are traditionally conducted from equinoid ghorla mounts. During the Imperial blockade, all permits are revoked except those issued to Imperials. Even so, those corporations run ning factories in Emita are subject to some of the most stringent pollution regulations and oversight anywhere in the galaxy.

While these policies discour age offworld interests from investing in Chandrila, they encourage native Chandrilans to innovate and provide a fertile ground for fair competition. As a result, a number of advances in clean manufacturing have emerged from Emita. As the only spaceport on the Ananta continent, Emita sees a variety of traffic, most related to manufacturing. Emita facilitates transfer of a fair amount of grain from the northern latitudes of the eastern continent, and it handles substantial interstel lar traffic to the Academy of Sciences during enroll ment periods and graduation.

It also has a local shuttle service that crosses the Emerald Ocean to Hanna City. One of the few corporations based on Chandrila with a regional presence, ChandrilTech is a niche manufac turer of handheld and droid-mounted sensor units.

It also produces a modest line of class three droids, particularly legal, research, and protocol droids. Its factories are among the cleanest in the industry, and it pride itself on its small environmental footprint. ChandrilTech has several buildings in Emita, includ ing its main factory at Emitas eastern edge and a warehouse near the spaceport. Its retail shops and show floors are common across Chandrila. Its head quarters spire, downtown, handles most corporate functions. Behind and aboce the spire's impressive blue crystal atrium, the first fifty floors are devoted to sales and advertising.

To get its products to mar ket, ChandrilTech sends its sales teams to major droid retailers to demonstrate its droids and parts. The next twenty floors handle administrative services, includ ing payroll, taxation, and other matters of bureau cracy. The only administrative body not in this part of the building is the CEO and her Viceprexes, who take up the top five floors. Between general admission and the Viceprexes, thirty floors of the spire are dedicated to research, development, design, and testing.

Hella Thimram has been the bold-speaking, handson CEO of ChandrilTech for the past decade, having taken over from her grandfather. CEO Thimrams lead ership is a source of pride across Chandrila. Citizens lobbied her to run for Senator to replace the embat tled Mon Mothma after the latter's association with the Rebellion, but Hella declined, and Canna Omonda won the seat instead.

When the Empire executed Sen ator Omonda for treason, Hellas eldest son, Savuud, replaced her, largely on the reputation of his mother. Incorporated into law by Governor Cladean of Emita thousands of years ago, the tax's complex formula takes the corporations income, profits, assets, pollutants, and accident risk into. These posts are evenly spaced along paths through the rolling hills of Chandrilas landscape. While they do have passenger cars, hovertrains primarily transport produce to space ports, usually Nayli, inside chilled containers.

The modular containers easily attach to spe cial lift-tugs that bring them to orbit. From orbit, container ships bound for Brentaal or other destinations throughout the Core trans port them directly to downloaders.

Star Wars: Age of Rebellion - Strongholds of Resistance

The credits are then dispersed to the governors of Chandrila, earmarked for the Gladean State Parks budget. The parks range from botanical gardens, arboretums, and nature preserves to wildlife conservation areas. The Chandrilan Park Ranger Service, staffed by expert scouts, hunters, and survivalists, regulates the parks and keeps tourists safe. NAYLI Located in the middle of Chandrilas equatorial belt on the more fertile eastern continent, Nayli extends outward from the spaceport at its center, which is responsible for the bulk of Chandrilas produce exports.

The city hosts a large, industrial hovertrain station that brings produce from across the continent to Nayli at high speed. Load lifters carry the cars to the adjacent spaceport for export. Its flat promenade is located next to the hovertrain station, and large, mechanical arms sort the modular containers for transport to either Bren taal or other points Coreward.

The spaceport can sup port up to a dozen bulk transports at a time, and the. The latest hot trend at the auction house, found distasteful by many, deals with collections of authentic pieces of Alderaanian memorabilia. Many displaced Alderaanians are will ing to pay top credit for any reminder of home. The current family patriarch is Jesco, who has a leading position in Impe rial Intelligences Counter-intelligence branch, and is rumored to be in line for Moff Seerdons job.

The Comark family has numerous holdings on Chan drila, most notably Comark Orchards, which grows muja and jaquira fruit. The orchard is wildly profit able, thanks to Jescos high-level contacts within the Empire. During the blockade, however, one of Seer dons TIE bombers reported an accidental release of its payload, cratering a large part of the orchard. Sentients come from sec tors away to view the abyssal crevasse of blue and vio let crystal. The canyons are on the western continent, far from the nearest farms.

However, a small tourist town with hotels and support services has sprung up in the otherwise desolate region to support adven ture excursions and tours through the canyons.

Some theorize the formation is the remnant of an ancient, eroded mountain range, from a period of Chandrilas past when the rain was acidic. The elite Rebel pilots were able to defeat a sub stantial number of the Moffs TIE bombers before they could drop their payload, which forced the Imperials to retreat. While the entombed Jedis name has been forgot ten to history, obscure records may note that he held the title of Barsenthor, or Warden of the Jedi Order.

Some believe he was a sage Jedi Master, famous for a number of victories in the ancient wars against the Sith.

Artifacts decorate his tomb, alongside personal effects from his adventures, including his lightsaber. Recently, an expedition co-funded by the Chandrilan Academy of Sciences and the Hanna Institute of Antiquities discovered a small cache of Jedi artifacts in the canyon.

Age of Rebellion - Strongholds of Resistance (SWA30) [OCR+].pdf

It is theorized the Jedi Order once operated a chapter house or training academy deep within the crevasse, though Imperial restrictions on Jedi-related research have tabled future expeditions indefinitely.

The researchers who stumbled across the find are disgruntled, burdened with the knowledge that in any other era of history, the find would have been career-making. The guides, all expert mountain climbers and outdoor survivalists, have extensive experience dealing with the hazards of the canyons. Blackbacks circle thermal vents that rise from the abyss, stalking prey and occa sionally harassing climbers. Caves within the canyons are home to wild cairnmogs and are prone to collapse.

Touring the canyons without a guide or permit earns tourists a 5,credit fine per offender, if caught by the Park Ranger Service. Skills group only: Brawl, Coercion, Survival. Silhouette 2. Fecklen wander the Chandrilan countryside, grazing on balmgrass and occasionally blocking traffic. The fecklen is a peaceful herd animal known for its booming call, evolved to echo across the hilly landscape to frighten predators and locate the herd.

While hunting and fishing are allowed, expensive per mits may be acquired only after a long process. Gener ally peaceful and found in groups of two, cairnmogs are occasionally hunted for their skin and meat. If cairn-. Perception Talents: Each O O extends the number of rounds by 1 [a disori ented target adds to all skill checks he performs].

Blackbacks, birds of prey with a wingspans over five meters, feed on squalls and other small rodents. Prized trophy birds, these majestic creatures were almost hunted to extinction centuries ago. Overhunting led to rampant growth in the squall populations, which had negative impacts on Chandrilan crops. Blackbacks are now protected by the Chandrilan government and given vast conservation habitats, including the Hanna Wild Game Preserve. Hunting permits for blackbacks are upwards of , credits per kill, which is then put back into blackback breeding programs.

Usually found in a group of two or more, the average Chandrilan citizen is often engaged in intense debate. The better arguments draw small crowds that join in on either side. The average city dweller on Chandrila has in-depth knowledge of local and galactic issues and a keen interest in politics. Comlink, datapad, credits. Brawl 5, Coordination 2, Vigilance 2.

Adversary 1 upgrade difficulty of all combat checks against this target once. Ghorla are bred for a vari ety of activities, including racing, showing, mounted sport, and more menial tasks like herding, labor, and transportation around the farm. Athletics 3, Coordination 1, Discipline 2. Silhouette 2, Trained Mount 2 add t o a riders Survival checks while mounted on a ghorla.

Their close-cropped haircuts and rigid pos tures make the cadets easy to spot. Cadets enjoy debating the merits and drawbacks of military force, and they engage in spirited conversation exercising the ideals taught by their instructors.

Comlink, datapad, academy uniform. Hard-working, educated, and politically active work ers are a source of planetary pride. Farmers keep their families small, and bring on a few hired hands or droids to handle additional labor needs. Most farmers and ranchers own stun rifles, but they are relatively trusting of visitors, as long as they stick to the paths and arent trespassing or poaching. Athletics 1, Mechanics 2, Negotiation 2, Resil ience 3, Survival 2.

Graduates of Brionelle are well educated and considered pillars of the com munity in many cases. It is common for naval officers to also engage in some form of boating, whether the boat is a powered yacht or a sailing vessel. Fire Control take the Fire Control action; all combat checks made from current starship or vehicle count their targets silhouette as one higher than nor mal until the beginning of next turn.

None Equipment: The governors of Chandrila are among the best pub lic speakers and debaters in the galaxy. Their impas sioned arguments and well-researched points make them difficult to debate.

While the three most pow erful are Governors Centi of Hanna City, Dehsea of Emita, and Millae of Nayli, more than one thousand other governors lead smaller communities, which they represent at Chandrilan House during house sessions. Respected governors are accessible to their constit uents; they are often found in debate forums open to public participation on set days of the week.

An elu sive governor is considered weak, hiding from public debate of unpopular policies. Governors are typically accompanied by aides. Improved Inspiring Rhetoric as an action, may make an Average Leadership check Each removes one strain or wound from one ally in short range. Each O removes an additional strain or wound from an affected ally. All affected allies add to all checks for three rounds , Kill with Kindness 2 remove from all Charm and Leadership checks.

Leader all subordinates within medium range add to all Discipline checks. Basic, Gran Terrain: Aygion Mountain, Capra Areas of Interest: Dal Forest, Mal-. Corellian Trade Spine, Great. Gran Run Special Conditions: Kinyen is a major agriworld in the Western Reaches, known for exporting silvergrass and a variety of tubers farmed by the Gran, an intelligent, herbivorous species.

These three-eyed humanoids are common throughout the galaxy, but Gran native to Kinyen are quite different from those found elsewhere. Most Gran from Kinyen adhere to a strict moral code not shared by their belligerent and corrupted cousins on Hok and Malastare. The agriworlds location on the Corellian Trade Spine has always made Kinyen a quiet stopover for traffic headed Rimward along the Spine.

In recent centuries, trade experienced a major boom as the Gran rose to power within the Trade Federation. The Gran used their influence in the galaxy-spanning organization to blaze the Great Gran Run hyper space route, which lies trailing of Cerea and beyond.

This made Kinyen a key hyperspace chokepoint for many worlds beyond the Western Reaches, bringing unprecedented wealth to the Gran. Despite financial success, Kinyen has also suffered a fair number of setbacks.

Its close ties to the Trade Federation ultimately forced it to join the Confed eracy during the Clone Wars, branding it as a traitor to the Republic. After the Clone Wars, the Galactic Empire forced Kinyens conditional surrender during the Western Reaches campaign and deployed gar risons in Kinyens offworld quarters.

Recently, the Empire broke the conditions of Kinyens surrender and landed occupation forces, driving many Kinyen natives to join the Rebellion. While at first a source of wealth, power, and prestige on the galac tic stage, the colonies eventually fell out of favor with Gran on Kinyen, and their citizens were shunned from Gran society.

While this occurred largely due to a deadly conflict with the Dugs of Malastare, rampant vice and violence throughout the colonies was also a major contributing factor. Of these, the most powerful colony is Malastare, where a fuel vital to the Imperial war machine is produced.

It is also home to the Gran Protectorate, a governing body for those Gran colonies excised from Gran soci ety by Kinyen. Koensayr, which has close ties to Malastare, is home to the Koensayr Cor poration, one of the largest manufacturers of starship components in the galaxy, as well as of the famous Y-wing starfighter. Various crys tals are mined on Hok, and Silunes has wellregarded vineyards. The colony on Stend IV is a decades-old attempt by Malastare to locate new energy sources for exploitation.

The communal and gregarious nature of K the Gran means that even the densest metropolitan areas maintain the warm, neighborly feel typical of small-town communities. While eager to trade food stuffs for new technologies, the Gran kept their planet closed to non-natives, with the exception of a single walled-off district within their capital.

Kinyen is led by the Tayan League, a socialist politi cal party dedicated to the Doellinist religion. Originally formed to resist Chancellor Contispex the XIs Fifteenth Pius Dea Crusade, more than eleven thousand years ago, the Tayan League began as an organization of Gran military veterans who practiced the Doellin reli gion.

In the wake of the conflict, the heroes of the Cru sade were pressured into running the government on Kinyen. Their influence eventually converted nearly all of Kinyen to worship Doellin, the three-eyed goddess of the harvest. The league led Kinyen through ten thou sand years of peace and prosperity, until the rise of progressive elements from within. The next few centuries brought vast wealth to Kinyen, which the government spent on a voting interest in the Trade Federation.

New worlds discov ered along the run and its branching routes brought new riches to Kinyen. Unfortunately, Kinyens wayward colonies chipped away at the Gran reputation for compassion. A thou sand years ago, the Gran on Malastare subjugated the native Dugs in a brutal conflict that drew Republic intervention. While the colonists were in the wrong, the Gran instinct to protect their own forced Kinyen to leverage its considerable wealth to influence the mediation.

To make matters worse, the Neimoidians took advantage of the distracted and divided Gran and seized control of the Trade Federation. In the wake of such complete failure of Gran moral fortitude, Kinyen retreated into isolationism. All Gran from offending colonies were effectively exiled, and the colonies were granted independence. To this day, many Gran mourn the loss of their colonies, referring to them as the lost children of Kinyen.

During the Clone Wars, Kinyens beloved Senator Kharrus was murdered by pirates while on a diplo matic mission to Florrum. Rival Gran from Malastare blocked the appointment of a replacement, citing Kinyens close Separatist ties via the Trade Federa tion. Isolated from the Republic, and pressured to throw in with the Separatists, Kinyen acted as an orbital staging area for Separatist attacks Rimward along the Corellian Trade Spine.

The Empire, like the Separatists before it, used Kinyen as an orbital staging area for its Western Reaches campaign three years after the declaration of the New Order. Kinyen was allowed to continue engaging in trade for more than a decade as a reward for its peaceful, if conditional, surrender.

Eventually, the Empire demanded greater access to the planet and an increase in food production, but the Gran refused. In response, Imperial forces bombarded the city of Malthee, leaving nothing but a crater. Shocked by the breadth of Imperial malice, Kinyen submitted.

Early protests by the Gran were put down violently, and most Gran adopted a policy of peace ful patience, assuming the Empire would eventually implode. Flowever, just as many Gran on Kinyen were driven to aid or even join the Rebel Alliance.

Rebel Alliance in any way FtheyGrancan. Fearing more bombardments, Gran restrict the Alliance from conducting military opera tions on Kinyen.

Most Gran are also unwill ing to engage in violence against the Empire; those who join the Alliance gravitate toward support roles. The Gran long ago codified a series of fables concerning Doellin, along with her winged avatar Taya and her adversary Byllaya, into a formal belief sys tem called Doellinism. The Doellinist creation myth credits Doellin as a great cosmic farmer; the galaxy is her field and the individual plan ets are the seeds she has sown.

The Gran see themselves as Doellins crop, grown in her image and then harvested upon their deaths. Taya, a large-eyed raptor-like bird, protects Doellins crop from Byllaya, a beast of limitless hunger. While Gran cul ture is a natural reaction to their evolution, many Gran behaviors are codified by the strict but peaceful Gran religion known as Doellinism.

The basic need to congregate with other Gran has become an essential requirement for Gran mental health; those separated from other Gran for long peri ods experience rapid-onset mental illness.

Gran mate for life and form bonds so close that the death of a spouse or child often proves fatal to the partner or parent as well. Any loner tendencies were long ago culled from the Gran, leaving a society that wholly embraces codependence. Eventually, this evolved into a planetwide socialist society whose success baf fles political theorists.

Kinyen places Gran children into specialized edu cation programs based on aptitude test results and job sector demands planetwide. While this would be unsettling to most species, the Gran on Kinyen put the good of their civilization ahead of that of the individual.

Most find the programs broad enough to allow them to assert their individual interests within the field. As a benefit, Kinyens unemployment rate is among the lowest in the region, and Kinyens gross. While modern Gran view the creation myth as more poetic than literal, Doellinist principles remain deeply embedded in their culture. Vio lence is by far the largest cultural taboo, and even minor forms of violent behavior are pun ished as severely as murder is treated elsewhere.

Furthermore, to combat Gran susceptibility to all forms of addiction, Doellinism forbids gam bling, alcohol, spice, and most other addictive behaviors and substances. Violations can carry strict penalties, including exile or even a death mark. However, despite the serious restrictions, Doellinism is primarily a celebration of life, com munity, and happiness.

Kinyen has nearly eliminated poverty, and the health and happiness of its popu lace ranks among the highest in the galaxy. However, there is a darker side to Gran culture. Those who are different get marked as social pari ahs, eventually finding themselves exiled in the name of protecting Kinyen cultural purity. In order to act against their fellow Gran on Hok and Malastare, Kinyen declared the colonists to be a separate spe cies.

To protect the purity of their culture, the Gran even went so far as to isolate Kinyen from all offworld influences, forgoing the benefits of outsider perspec tives in order to avoid diluting their way of life. Despite these harsh practices, those Gran who remain on Kinyen enjoy their days spent socializing with their fellow Gran. Numerous feasts, galas, and historical anniversaries are observed planetwide, giving Gran many opportunities to spend time with friends and family.

Beyond special occasions, the entire society is structured around open socialization in everyday activities. While Gran only eat once a day, most restaurants feature communal tables. Though Gran may sit down as strangers, they often leave as friends.

Most transports on Kinyen are droid-piloted, so that passengers can commiserate during com mutes. In the workplace, most businesses punctuate the workday with lengthy company-wide social breaks a few hours before and after mealtime. Unlike most corporate cultures, those among the Gran encourage interoffice relationships as a way to keep their work places tightly knit.

The less populated areas primarily comprise jagged mountain ranges, forests with crystal clear riv ers, and swaying fields of silvergrass.

Thought to be the Grans ancestral home land, it serves as the seat of Kinyens planetary gov ernment. Kinyen's capital is built on terraces carved directly into Aygion's southern face, dark green permastone and stained transparisteel edifices stabbing skyward into the cloudline to house the city of million.

If you are also a decent pilot Then well Pilot - Exactly the same specialisation the Smuggler gets, but a better fit for a character who wants to be a dedicated pilot, since the in-career specialisations combo extremely well together.

Your mileage may vary since mounted characters might be rare in your campaign. Rigger StTa - Holy Shit! Like the Gadgeteer, except for a vehicle, if your group has a shared starship and the setting involves a lot of space combat, someone should be MADE to play this class.

Hotshot StTa - Like the Pilot, except more about crazy active abilities like maneuvering enemies into each other or pulling the switcharoo during dogfights. Commander Commodore - Combo Mechanic and Fringer with command and defence abilities thrown in.

Literally there are four straight-line paths to the bottom which means you aren't forced to mix up your abilities. It's generally straightforward if your character wants a two or more of those paths and couldn't get them without multi-classing more than once.

Squadron Leader - A defensive pilot. If he was on his own he'd be fairly inoffensive though he does get the Quick Strike ability for getting first hits in.

His group skills mostly work on the ground as well as in vehicles, so he's not entirely useless. But this should be chosen as a later specialisation, rather than starting the game as a squad leader. Tactician - Sort of a combination of Bodyguard and Mercenary Soldier, without the fighting talents of either but gets improved mobility skills so would have made a better "Bodyguard" than the Bodyguard specialisation.

Good if the party includes several fighting characters and could use someone to buff them up. Figurehead Lead by Example - This career is a generic commander, unlike the three core specializations, so they are good for all situations rather than just one. They keep their nerve and can buff their allies, as well as bringing passive Duty bonuses. Like a Boss. Instructor LbE - A combat support class, allowing their allies to gain free maneuvers or actions, or to gain bonuses on repeat actions.

The career is also useful as a medic and bodyguard for keeping their allies alive. Not much in the way of personal combat ability other than extreme PT exercises, but combat utility should be granted from multi-classing. Strategist LbE - Most of your abilities pertain to Massed Combat, which might find little use in a typical RPG session, but they can heavily modify those combat checks when they happen.

The second half of the class is all about gathering and applying lore, turning this class into Sun Tzu in space. Can hand out boost die much like the Analyst.

Diplomat Ambassador - they took the chatty part of the Politico specialisation and removed all of the foul language and gave them actual defences instead. They still can't stand up in a fight but they've got strain for days and are resistant to fear. Agitator - The angry portion of the Politico, made more focused. They're much more thuggish like the Enforcer but unfortunately unless they cross-career into something tough, its all bark rather than bite.

That said, the ultimate ability causes a literal riot. Seriously they can learn an ability that gets them free money every session. Mucks up the economy just like the Trader specialisation, but with less access to black market stuff, instead they learn how to use bribes as a game mechanic. Advocate Desperate Allies - Not quite a "Face" like the ambassador, but certainly a tricky social beast, using strain as a resource for useful interactions both in and out of combat.

You can interject to interrupt another person's including PCs social action and add bonuses or penalties your choice , you can retort against your opponent and inflict strain on their own check and you can even compel an incapacitated opponent to perform a single task of your choice. Though this one chooses particular areas of expertise which they can absolutely dominate in.

They can also generate floating boost D6s for an encounter, based on them applying knowledge to their situation. Propagandist DesAll - Want to debuff an entire organisation before you even roll for initiative? Then this is the class for you. They are also really good to have because they passively increase Duty gains made by the party, bringing rewards earlier.

Engineer Mechanic - Same as in the Technician Career, you fix stuff. Saboteur - Its about the bombs, though the first half of the progression is actually more about defensive abilities and you don't get the blast bonuses until later. Scientist - Like the Scholar, but less about being well rounded and more about application. You get the same knowledge and academic respect talents, but instead of all the mental fortitude since that went to the Ambassador you get to play with your gear making it better like an Outlaw Tech, plus utility belt for lulz.

Droid Specialist Fully Operational - Much more combat focused than the technician's droid tech, with talents that focus on getting as much as you can out of droids, and fighting enemy droids better. Sapper FO - Essentially a Techmarine , you are the combat mechanic who can fortify your location , or bring it down with siege tactics. Gets bonuses like removed setback on fortification building, "Known Schematic" to give them knowledge of buildings, and "Contraption" to macgyver a solution to whatever problem they have.

Both of those talents are available very early on so you can put that big brain of yours to use right away. Sappers get a few demolition and explosives focused skills a bit like the Saboteur though nowhere near as specialized.

Shipwright FO - The ultimate crafting expert with eye for detail and a new talent that can let you make some more quirky designs too. Also still good at fixing ships, but not as well at the Mechanic. Shipwrights can repair ships faster and at a reduced cost. The addition of Gunnery as a career skill and a few piloting oriented talents exhaust port, and debilitating shot means that you could be made to serve as a pilot for these ships in a pinch.

They can also give vehicles temporary buffs like increased handling and speed. Soldier Commando- Combat Pro, though unlike the Merc Soldier is less about team command and more about being good in a fight.

There is armour, resilience, melee and ranged buffs going for them. If you want to go deep on a punchy build there is a branch of the tree that rewards this. Medic - Do you need healing NOW? The military medic is based around patching people up immediately using consumable stim-packs that become less effective with repeated applications. Also comes with an ability that says "fuck do no harm" as you use your intellect to make your shots do more damage.

Sharpshooter - Like the Assassin, but with less stealth and MORE killing, when this guy is maxed out and armed with a sniper rifle, very few careers can do it better. In fact, it's the exact same tree as Heavy for Hired Gun, so you could conceivably cross-class from Heavy into Heavy and carry some really, REALLY big guns, while ignoring the non-ranked talents the 2nd download-through though actually you can't because they are considered the same specialization.

Trailblazer FiB - Move through the wild, setting up traps and ambushes Viet Cong style, With passive bonuses while in cover and bonus damage against disoriented enemies. Nice spec if your looking for a good mix of survival and combat skills. Vanguard FiB - Another career that is a better bodyguard than the "Bodyguard". You get a lot of talents that allow you to protect your allies and take hits for them, while making you more resilient and difficult to strike against.

You also gain abilities aimed at jumping up the initiative order, so you can behave like a real guardian of bodies. One other cool talent set allows you to turn failed attacks into "Suppressing Fire" and cause strain on your opponent instead of wounds.

All in all a good class for those who want to tank for the group but aren't Soresu Defenders. Spy Infiltrator - In a word: Ninja. Strangely less about actual "infiltration" though does get stealth bonuses later on and more about dodging, flipping and overwhelming opponent's in melee Scout - just like the Explorer, works well here for stealth reasons and being able to go solo.

Comes with a bunch of parkour-like talents one is actually called Freerunning for navigating your way through short distances or up walls. You can make life more difficult for pursuers by imposing setback dice on their checks through stealth, or even run through a marketplace and create difficult terrain behind you in the classic chase scene trope. Thanks to a certain "Improved" talent, you can also embrace your inner drug-mule by hiding items within your "modified body.

So get good ranged defenses and don't get caught. Has probably the best talent in the book 'Made You Talk' which provides different bonuses depending on the opponent's threat level, with Nemesis giving each player character their own Destiny Point to spend during the next session which is then discarded, not flipped.

Rank up Brawl and Medicine skills to crush all resistance to your will with the other 5th tier talents. Also is the only specialization that gets a combat talent anywhere near the beginning with "Creative Killer" letting you "Colonel Mustard in the Library with the Candlestick" someone.

Another talent lets you raise your Cunning attribute until the end of an encounter, which can be a potent boost in certain builds. So does not tie itself into force usage. You also get "Healing Trance" where you can heal yourself over encounters naturally by committing force dice, rather than actually attempting to roll for it.

Niman Disciple - A good generic lightsaber style based on Willpower instead of Brawn, comes with some flat defensive bonuses which are always good to have and allows you to increase the crit ratings of hits that strike you so you are less likely to be hurt badly. Finally, it's the only Saber style that grants an increase in Force Rating, making it a great general option for any Jedi character.

Sage - They start out as Force-wielding scholars where they get a bunch of bonuses to interaction and knowledge checks. Later they start pulling out impressive set-pieces with the Force, like by meditating to add white spots to your force checks in the following encounter or being able to perform Force powers as maneuvers instead of actions.

The Sage is also one of the few classes that gets two Force Rating increases but no Dedication , so is a very good option to consider for a Force-heavy character. Arbiter Disciples of Harmony - A class dedicated to talking their way out of trouble, it focuses heavily on adding boosts to or removing difficulty from different conversation skills.

Includes the skill Calming Aura to weaken incoming Force attacks, with a couple Reflects and a Parry thrown in for good measure, giving it some use in battle as well.

Ascetic DoHa - An odd "jack of all trades" character with talents empathizing a "less is more" approach. As in: there are a couple of talents which provide Force and recovery boons when they are carrying less than 2 encumbrance after reductions, like actually wearing your armor, and the Burly talent.

They also get a huge boost to strain and can spend it to upgrade any ability check. Letting them roll a yellow on every check without flipping destiny points, as well as being able to make a single skill check when you lack the necessary items. Instead of armor they can commit force dice to increase soak and can suffer additional strain when injured to reflect wounds back to their attacker.

Their capstone is unique in that it adds a force spot directly, which means force powers that don't require more than one never fail. Teacher DoHa - Has some of the scholarly aspects of Sage, but focuses more on boosting up allies and bailing them out of tight spots.

A bit fiddly, but has some neat stuff at higher levels, like swapping out any stat for your combat check. Also lets you cheapen the XP costs of up to four skills, two of which you get to pick, which is always appreciated. Some cool abilities here, allowing you to get the whole team performing maneuvers out-of-turn if you need the group to surge forward or coordinate actions.

It's the only career with Supreme Parry so you can block for days rather than tiring yourself out. Obviously, this specialization is more about blocking incoming attacks rather than hitting hard so your group will need someone else to do the heavy punching or shooting.

Protector - Kind of like a medic crossed with bodyguard. Your other abilities include using stim-packs for immediate healing rather than a medicine check, but which get worse with repeated use, but you're "better" with them, you also get Force Protection, so you can commit force dice to increasing your soak value temporarily.

Armorer Keeping the Peace Like the Gadgeteer specialisation; it sounds obvious from the title but their main focus is armor, turning the tank career class into a genuine soaker of damage, although it doesn't have the broad range of tech abilities like the Artisan or Rigger, but can still make and improve personal scale items.

It also adds a few lightsaber moves like Saber Throw to round it out. Warden KtP an unarmed fighter, a bit rougher around the edges like the Enforcer specialization. Warleader KtP Makes for a fantastic squad leader in teams of non-Jedi.

Gets the passive ability to improve cover for your teammates, or to grant allies the ability to hit with ranged attacks even when they miss, so long as they roll well enough.

This guy is someone your party really wants on its side. Mystic Advisor - The "face" of the group, the class is fairly straightforward granting you bonuses to interaction checks while ignoring penalties. You also get a couple of trading boosts thrown in for good measure. Not a great deal for force users except for one ability where you can switch out your force rating for your ranks in Knowledge Lore once per gaming session, which can be good if you min-maxed, but in the late game your force rating may eventually overtake your skill ranks.

Makashi Duelist - Presence-based Lightsaber style heavily focused on dealing with a single opponent in melee, so you get no Reflect talents. You do have some cool techniques though, which can allow you to dominate your opponent, like feinting to turn your missed attacks into penalties for your opponent, or by taunting your opponent into losing strain points while recovering them for yourself.

Your ultimate ability is the Makashi Finish, which can massively boost your critical damage rolls and rip your opponent a brand new asshole if you manage to hit him with it. Seer - A more practical counterpart to the Sage, it also gives you two Force Rating increases. But instead of knowledge or interaction bonuses, you get much-improved initiative checks and some boosts to outdoor survival checks.

It doesn't quite have the same force boosting talents as the Sage, but you can get some floating re-rolls on power checks, and with "Forewarning" you can massively increase your allies defenses up until the point they act in an encounter. Alchemist Unlimited Power - Harness the power of the force to become a drug dealer, brewing all kinds of special concoctions. Using the light to whip up healing potions, or the dark to brew poisons.

Also lets you add Force Dice into a crafting check to create extra successes or advantages, plus some resistances to poisons useful, given what you'll be brewing. Involves a lot of lore based abilities, removing setback and reducing the difficulty of such checks, while Knowledge Is Power lets you count Lore skill as Force Rating on a single power.

Comes with Channel Agony, letting you suffer wounds to generate automatic dark side points on force checks, as well as Healing Trance to recover wounds lost. Also has some ranks in Confidence and Resolve to resist fear and strain inflicted from learning stuff man was not meant to know. Prophet UnPo - Become a magical evangelist motivational speaker, spreading word of the force and using it to inspire hope in others. Includes an aura of awesomeness for you or anti-awesomeness if you turn it against your foes , the power to inspire fear or comfort in others, or the ability to become a Force generator for a full encounter.

You do get some awesome damage potential, like the ability to hit an opponent multiple times in a single attack and with a lightsaber he's going down , throw your lightsaber as a ranged weapon or close the distance fast and leap to your opponent's space. However, the style is heavily dependent on your pool of strain points, so if you cannot finish a fight fast you may find yourself running out of things to do.

Hunter - A very practical specialization that works in situations where you don't need or own a lightsaber. Good at tracking and with perception checks and is good for dealing damage to animals and beasts, as well as avoiding incoming ranged damage. It also allows you to use your force dice on ranged weapon attack rolls, making it a good fall-back class for anyone. Pathfinder - The Druid to the Hunter's Ranger. This also gives you a whole bunch of outdoor survival boosts and travel enhancements.

As the class progresses, you get your own permanent animal companion, though as your force rating increases you could swap it out for larger and meaner creatures. Its best gimmick is adding it's force rating to any weapon that isn't a rocket launcher or starship turret. So, in essence, it's the best combat-focused force specialization hands down. In return you get an additional force rating in the tree, lots more strain increases and a higher focus on your animal companion, granting several abilities that improve your animal companion and make it more useful to you.

Navigator SS - Some marriage between a Scout and a Pilot: A hybrid of piloting skills and overland travel boosts, mixed with general tracking ability. Comes with a bunch of Astrogation talents you might not find a use for unless you need to jump to hyperspace quickly, but the class does have an overall focus on escaping.

Sentinel Artisan - The Mechanic and generally the guy you want fixing your vehicles and broken stuff. A non-force wielder like a technician or proper mechanic might be better in general situations, but this guy can imbue his items with the force to gain enhancements, or he can even use the force to add hardpoints when modifying items.

Shadow - The Thief archetype, you are really good at stealth. To the point that you can make yourself invisible to other force users and make your own force powers being undetectable.

You can even make people forget about your existence once per session. Other than stealth, you also get improved hacking skills but only when attempting to decipher communications. Shien Expert - A Cunning-based style heavily focused on dealing with ranged attackers and being defensive, but not quite as one-dimensional as the Makashi or Soresu styles, so you at least have combat options.

The talents actually make this class very well rounded, allowing you to take advantage of enemy misses, or close the distance quickly if you need to. It doesn't offer any way to upgrade skill rolls or reduce the difficulty, however, so you'll have to rely on straight skill dice and items to help.

Racer EnVi - they had to squeeze Podracing in somewhere, so might as well tack it on to the most urban force using career. Kind of like a force wielding pilot, with less ability to shoot stuff but who can pull crazy maneuvers. Also gives them track and field powers, cus Usain Bolt was a Jedi racer too.

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We have Species Sorry I've been a bit slack on this. I've had the details in the background of the system for a while I just didn't have the data in for player races so didn't produce a list previously.The pots featured a grated lid, which kept a trio of kulthka fish safely within.

As a result, a number of advances in clean manufacturing have emerged from Emita. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc. Unmatched Ferocity Warrior - Allows you to make a melee attack after a successful attack as an incidental, upgrading the difficulty by one. This high level of intelligence mixed with predatory instincts makes Mon Calas waters an incredible place full of both terror and wonder.

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So get good ranged defenses and don't get caught. Using the light to whip up healing potions, or the dark to brew poisons.

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