Electrical Machines EasyEngineering Team IES GATE PSU's TANCET . EasyEngineering Team Study Materials (Handwritten Notes) – PDF Free Download. [PDF] EE Electrical Machines – I (EM-I) Books, Lecture Notes, 2marks with answers, Important Part B 16marks Questions, Question Bank & Syllabus. By. Engineering Class handwritten notes, exam notes, previous year questions, PDF free download.

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Lecture Notes of Electrical Engineering & EEE. 9, canlirecvima.tk, 3rd, Electrical Machine 1 (Part-2), BEE, Download. 10, canlirecvima.tk, 4th, Electrical Machine-II. The purpose of these notes is be used to introduce Electrical Engineering Other students are interested in continuing in the study of electrical machines and . MADE Easy Class Notes Electrical Engineering Hand Written: This is Electrical Engineering study material for GATE / IES / PSUs exam 5, Electrical Machines.

Plugging of an Induction Motor Measurement of Slip Power Stages in an Induction Motor Torque, Mechanical Power and Rotor Output Induction Motor Torque Equation Analogy with a Mechanical Clutch and D. Motor Sector Induction Motor Induction Motor as a Generalized Transformer Equivalent Circuit of the Rotor and Induction Motor Power Balance Equations Circle Diagram for a Series Circuit Circle Diagram for the Approximate Equivalent Circuit Determination of G0 and B0 Blocked Rotor Test Construction of the Circle Diagram Starting of Induction Motors Starting of Slip-ring Motors Starter Steps Crawling and Cogging or Magnetic Locking Double Squirrel Cage Motor Speed Control of Induction Motors In shell type construction, the coils are wound on the central limb of a three limb core, the entire flux passes through the central limb and divides into two parts going to side limbs.

Consequently, the x-sectional area and hence width of the central limb is twice of that of each of the side limbs.

MADE Easy Class Notes – Electrical Engineering

Sandwich type winding is used in such a construction. The shell type construction is commonly used for small transformers where a square or rectangular core xsection is suitable for economic considerations.

Three-phase Transformers Advantages. Three phase transformers have considerable less weight, occupy less floor space and cost less than 3 single phase transformers of equal rating Disadvantages. Three phase transformer has got one shortcoming.

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This shortcoming is that if one of the phase becomes defective, then whole of transformer is to be replaced, but in case of 3 single phase transformers, if one of the transformers becomes defective, the system can still be run open D at reduced capacity or the defective transformer can be replaced by a single spare.

Less weight, less cost and less space occupied by three phase transformer over weighs its disadvantages and so it is often used.

Three- Phase Transformer Connections The windings of three phase transformers may be connected in Y D or in the same manner as for three single phase transformers.

Since the secondaries may be connection the windings of a3 - phase transformer for transformation of 3-phase voltages, namely Y-Y, DD, Y- D.

The interconnection are made inside of the case so that only the terminal leads need to be brought outside the case. There is no phase shift between primary and secondary voltages. The drawback is that the neutral is unstable because of third harmonic component in the exciting curren.

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Delta-Delta D -D Connection The arrangement is generally used in systems which carry large currents on low voltages and specially when continuity of service is to be maintained even though one of the phases develops faults. There is no phase displacement between primary and secondary voltages.

There is no distortion of flux as the third harmonic component of magnetizing current can flow in the delta connected primary windings without flowing in the line wires. No difficulty is experienced due to unbalancing of loads on the secondary side.

The disadvantages are that more insulation is required and the voltage appearing between windings and core will be equal to full line voltage in case of earth fault on one phase.

Star-Delta Y- D Connections Such connections are used principally where the voltage is to be stepped down. Also third harmonic currents flow in the D to give a sinusoidal flux.

Delta-star D-Y Connections Such connections are used where it is necessary to step up the voltage, as for example, at the beginning of a ht transmission line. In this case neutral point is stable and will not float in case of unbalance loading.

There is no 3of flux because existence of a Dconnection allows a path for the third-harmonic components. The floating of neutral is developed in the case of l- l connection only. The transformers are sometimes constructed with three windings.

The main windings are connected to form l-l connection and the third winding known as tertiary winding is used to make a closed D connection to stabilise the neutrals of both primary and secondary circuits.

The tertiary winding carries the third harmonic currents.

Harmonics are caused because of use of high flux densities in the core. If the core gets saturated during part of the sinusoidal wave, then secondary wave will be non-sinusoidal.

This may be due to inadequate core area or characteristics of core material. Harmonic voltages result in increased dielectric loss, interference with communication systems and resonance between inductance of the winding and capacitance of transmission line.Never Miss.

Commutator Motors Say, BPB Publishers 2. Motor December If the core gets saturated during part of the sinusoidal wave, then secondary wave will be non-sinusoidal. C Motor 4.

In the auto transformer, the two windings, primary and secondary, are connected electrically as well as magnetically, in fact, a part of the single continuous winding is common to primary and secondary. Induction Motor Torque Equation

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