I spent many a long nights in the ER flipping through the pages of this book while in residency. Even though I am no longer in the pediatric ER per se, I find this. Fleisher and Ludwig's 5-Minute Pediatric Emergency Medicine Consult (The 5- Minute Consult Series): Medicine & Health Science Books. Now in its Sixth Edition, the best-selling Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine is the most comprehensive textbook in this specialty. The editors are.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Book

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Completely updated for its Fifth Edition, the best-selling Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine is the most comprehensive textbook you can download in this. Overcome the latest clinical challenges in the emergency care of pediatric patients! Fleisher & Ludwig's Textbook of Pediatric Emergency Medicine has long . It is now more than ten years since the publication of the first edition of Textbook of Paediatric Emergency Medicine and interest in this specialty continues to.

Recommended Reading

Recommend Documents. Written to support a broad range of practitioners, this text serves as an excellent reference for anyone who will treat children in the emergent care setting.

The textbook is the work of contributors made up of pediatric emergency medicine specialists and pediatric subspecialists. The textbook is extremely pleasing in that, unlike many large reference texts, the subspecialty areas manage to maintain their relevance to the practice of emergency medicine. The textbook is divided into seven sections: It is precisely the ease of reference and division of information that makes this text so useful in the emergency department.

1st Edition

Although it covers a broad range of issues from analgesia to transport, it is focused on the NOW decisions often made in the emergency department. It covers the diagnostic approach to 78 different clinical signs or symptoms. Once the diagnosis is made or suspected, management information follows in the subsequent sections.

The section on medical emergencies is primarily system oriented.

It also contains useful sections on toxicological and environmental emergencies. The section on trauma begins with an excellent overview of the injured child and is then divided into subspecialty areas of trauma from burns to ocular injuries. The section on surgical emergencies is also primarily divided into surgical subspecialty areas.

Textbook of pediatric emergency medicine (3rd ed)

The section on psycho-social emergenciesis a must for the practicing emergency physician. The section addresses many difficult scenarios that may present to the emergency department. Finally, the procedures section nicely rounds out this text.

The text in this section is somewhat brief but is enhanced by a large number of illustrative diagrams. Noteworthy points include the index, which is 60 pageslong and quite complete.

The textbook also has excellent internal referencing. The figures and tables are very useful, and the radiographic images reproduced extremely well. This is a perfect introductory text for residents. Covers Trauma from A to Z in a easy to read format.

5 Minute Pediatric Emergency Medicine Consult

Trauma, Seventh Edition -The be-all end-all of trauma management. Geared towards the surgeon so be prepared to skim. It is written by and for EM docs, so no boring crap, just the important stuff we need to know.

Common Hand Injuries by Carter years old and still the best hand book out there. You need to know the hand; this book is the way to learn. It even has cartoons. Out of print forever, it has just been released in a 2nd edition as an ebook.

Carter still has them beat. Toxicology Toxicology Secrets, 1e -Hate to recommend review books, but this series keeps coming through. This book has gone out of print, so Steve Smith who is super-kind has decided to give away the full text for free.

Electrocardiography in Emergency Medicine -Until Dr. Smith's book returns to print, this incredible work edited by the master, Amal Mattu, is the one I recommend.

Critical Care Ultrasonography, 2nd edition -This book will take your ultrasound skills to the next level to be able to optimally manage the critically ill patient.

Miscellaneous Minor Emergencies: Expert Consult — Online and Print, 3e -Covers all the emergencies that need to be treated but don't need to come in by ambulance, ie. Basically everything you will see on a fast track shift. Of course our patients call ambulances for back pain for the past 7 years, but that is another story.

All the skills and tricks of the old time docs who could diagnose without the benefit of labs and x-rays of course they did not have the benefit of any useful treatment one they diagnosed, sort of reminds me of the neuro folks. I keep going back to this one to learn new skills as I get more comfortable with the old ones. Auerbach's Wilderness Medicine, 2-Volume Set, 7e -If you are interested in wilderness and expedition medicine, save up for this book.Hardcover Dimensions: This pocket guide addresses that need by placing vital clinical management and algorithms into a quick and simple guidebook that can be accessed within moments from a scrub pocket or white coat.

While it offers a historical perspective, it is actually not as comprehensive as Tintinalli on certain topics for instance compare the sickle cell anemia sections.

Noteworthy points include the index, which is 60 pageslong and quite complete.


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