Introduction to behavioral research methods / Mark R. Leary Leary, Mark R · View online · Borrow . methods / Mark R. Leary. - 6th ed., international edition. This edition of Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods has benefitted You might think we could add these six deviation scores to get a total variabil-. Study Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods (6th Edition) discussion and chapter questions and find Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods (6th.

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Showing all editions for 'Introduction to behavioral research methods', Sort by: 6th edition, Pearson new internat. ed 6th ed., Pearson new international ed. Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods (6th Edition) ( ): Mark R. Leary: Books. Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods, 6th Edition. Mark R. Leary, Duke University. © |Pearson | Out of print. Share this page. Introduction to.

D The participants read an account of an alcohol-related crash in which a victim received mild or severe injuries. Answer: B 10 A n is a statement about the expected relationship between variables. A n statement about the outcome of a particular experiment. A law; educated guess B educated guess; law C prediction; hypothesis D hypothesis; prediction is a Answer: D 11 A hypothesis is a A tentative statement that something may be true.

B small research report. C fact. D prediction of results. Answer: A 12 What is the name of the principle that states that "where multiple theories can explain observed results, the best theory to adopt is the simplest one"?

Introduction to Behavioral Research Methods: Pearson New International Edition PDF eBook

B essentially the D same as a hypothesis. Answer: C 14 The statement "Females will report greater incidences of sexual harassment than will males" is an example of a , while the statement "Reported incidences of sexual harassment will vary according to gender" is an example of a.

A hypothesis; prediction B prediction; hypothesis C rule; guess D guess; rule Answer: B 15 The statement "Punishment will be harsher for drunk drivers who cause serious injuries than for drivers who cause mild injuries" is an example of a A rule. B question. C prediction. D hypothesis. Answer: C 16 A theory A categorizes data into distinct groups.

B is proven after many studies support its predictions. C is an established fact after being confirmed at least times. D generates new knowledge by guiding our observations. Answer: D 17 A scientist should consider a hypothesis to be supported if A it is not possible to falsify the hypothesis. B they receive financial support for research to be conducted into the hypothesis.

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C observed data are consistent with the hypothesis. D there is a general belief that the hypothesis is probably correct. Answer: C 18 A major problem with using Internet search engines such as Google as a method of obtaining research information is A they include online discussions and book reviews.

B it is too expensive to use.

C it does not allow you to limit your search to peer reviewed articles. D they are difficult to use. Answer: C 4 19 When the results of an experiment are consistent with a prediction developed from a theory, we conclude that the theory is A neither supported nor challenged by the results.

B supported by the results. C less likely to be true. D proven true. Answer: B 20 In which section of a research article would a reader find a summary of the entire project? A Method B Results hypothesis, the procedure, and results usually C Abstract Introduction Answer: C 22 In which section of a research article would a reader find a description of what was done in the past and why the present study is being conducted?

From which section is it most likely to have been derived? A The primary goal of Wikipedia is to be a source of entertainment, and not a source of information. B Wikipedia is not intended nor considered a credible source for academic research. C None of the articles written in Wikipedia contain enough depth of information to be of interest to scientific researchers. D Most of the contents of Wikipedia are factually incorrect. Answer: B 5 26 Because of tension between the police department and the citizens of Metropolis, the city council surveys residents for suggestions on how to improve police-community relations.

This example best illustrates as a source of research ideas. A past research B observation of the world around us C theories D practical problems Answer: D 27 As Joan becomes familiar with the literature examining the influence of physical attractiveness on judgments of criminal behavior, she notes inconsistencies in the results. She concludes that this area of study needs to be further investigated. This example best represents as a source of ideas for research.

A observation of the world around us B past research C theories D practical problems Answer: B 28 At the beginning of any research project, it is necessary to explore thoroughly prior research on the topic of interest because A using someone else's research methods is plagiarism. B prior findings are useful for clarifying and generating research ideas.

C one should never replicate another study. D it is unethical for researchers to begin work in a new field without first publishing a related review article. Answer: B 29 To find out how many authors have cited a particular article in the years since it was published, you would consult A Psychological Abstracts.

B Web of Science. C Pubmed. D Wikipedia.

Answer: B 30 A researcher makes the statement, "Breed of dog and ability to learn guide dog skills are related. B prediction.

C moral judgment. Answer: D 31 A researcher designs a study to examine the relationship between gender and time spent talking in a group.

The researcher states, "In a balanced mixed gender group, males will talk more than females. B hypothesis. D question. Currently, the most common method of experimental control over hearing acuity is through self report of perceived impairment. We argue that this technique may lack sensitivity and that researchers should more commonly utilize standardized hearing screening procedures. Distinctive patterns of hearing loss are reviewed with attention to populations that commonly participate in behavioral research.

We explain standard techniques for conducting pure tone hearing screening using a conventional portable audiometer and outline a procedure for how researchers can modify a conventional laptop computer for audiometric screening when a standard audiometer is unavailable.

ISBN 13: 9780205203987

We offer a sample hearing screening program that researchers may use toward the development of their own protocol. This program is freely available for download at www psychonomic. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves. Specification for Audiometers.


Guidelines for audiologic screening. Rockville, MD: Author. Google Scholar Boersma, P.

Praat, a system for doing phonetics by computer Version 3. University of Amsterdam, Institute of Phonetic Sciences. Google Scholar Brant, L.

Age changes in pure-tone hearing thresholds in a longitudinal study of normal human aging. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America,88, — Putting things into perspective: Individual differences in workingmemory span and the integration of information. Experimental Psychology,52, 21— Continuous versus pulsed tones in audiometry. American Journal of Audiology,13, 54— PsyScope: An interactive graphic system for designing and controlling experiments in the psychology laboratory using Macintosh computers.

Modality-constrained statistical learning of tactile, visual, and auditory sequences. Age and sex differences in pure-tone thresholds. Arch Otolaryngologica,77, — Google Scholar Davis, M. Lexical information drives perceptual learning of distorted speech: Evidence from the comprehension of noise-vocoded sentences. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General,, — Self-assessment: From research focus to research tool. Journal of the Academy of Rehabilitative Audiology Monographs,27, 67— Google Scholar Gates, G.

C, Kannel, W. Hearing in the elderly: The Framingham cohort: Part 1. Basic audiometric test results. Ear Hear,11,— Sex differences in prefrontal cortical brain activity during fMRI of auditory verbal working memory. Neuropsychology,19, — Audiologist desk reference. San Diego: Singular.The author presents the material with sufficient elaboration, explanation, and examples that not only interest the student, but make it understandable.

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