child took me by both hands and transported me to the Egyptian pyramids." pyramids were. But she Paulo Paulo Coelho - Eleven Minutes. The Alchemist. Paulo Coelho. Translated by Alan R. Clarke. Published ISBN CONTENTS. Part One. Part Two. Epilogue. PART ONE. to add one more, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It is the story of Santiago, a shepard in. Spain. He sets off to find a treasure by the pyramids in Egypt that is.

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CLICK HERE Download The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho Ebook. Where can I download The Alchemist 25th anniversary edition in PDF format? Views. The Alchemist PDF Searches Free download all PDF Files on the internet quickly and easily. the alchemist written by paulo coelho · lmah/ DECISION MAKING IN PAULO COELHO'S. “THE ALCHEMIST”. A THESIS. Submitted As Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement. For the Sarjana.

A new desire rises inside him. The old man tells him to go to the Pyramids in Egypt and always follow the omens. For God has a path prepared for everyone, we just have to read the signs He left.

Then, the old man opens his cape and shows the boy a breastplate of heavy gold, covered with precious stones. He is looking for a guide who can lead him to the Pyramids.

He meets a young man who speaks Spanish and foolishly trustworthy gives him the money to download camels and food for the trip. On the way through the market, his guide mysteriously disappears.

All this happens between sunrise and sunset. Before noon he was a shepherd with a flock of sheep in Andalusia Spain and now here he is completely alone , without money in a strange city in Africa.


And because he is far and away, he falls down on his knees and begins weeping. Feeling a little relieved, Santiago remembers about the stones, Urim and Thummim and his confidence slowly rises.

He is once again at a new crossroad: to think of himself as a victim of a thief or an adventurer in quest of his treasure. As soon as he decides he is an adventurer looking for treasure, he knows what to do next. He is determined to work until he has enough money to get back home and download some sheep. Sure, he used to dream about going to Mecca, but he knew that would remain a dream. Not everyone can see his dreams come true in the same way.

The merchant prefers to dream about Mecca, for in dreaming there is no disappointment. Whereas the boy really wants to realize his dream. How does he know? Maktub — it is written by the hand of Allah. So the boy joins a caravan that will cross the desert and here he meets an English man obsessed with alchemy. Only an alchemist can teach him how to transform any metal into gold and they say there is one Arab in the Al-Fayoum oasis that can do that.

As they start their journey, Santiago remains silent, every day more and more aware of the desert and its language. The boy learns that the world has a soul and whoever can understand that soul can also understand the language of all things.

Because all things are one. When the caravan reaches the oasis, they hand over their weapons, for the oasis is a neutral place and a war has started between different tribes in the desert.

The English man persuades Santiago to ask the locals about the Arab alchemist. It was love. He knows it is love and he can now understand the language that everyone on earth is capable of understanding in their heart. She recognized the same thing.

Her name is Fatima and from that day on he always waits to speak to her at the well. He tells her about his quest for his treasure near the pyramids, but that no longer seems important now that he had found her.

Fatima, a woman of the desert, convinces him to pursue his dream and she will be waiting at the oasis. Santiago is sad and while looking at the sky, the Universe gives him a new sign, a vision of an army taking over the oasis. He explains his vision to the chieftains and this saves the oasis and the people living in it.

The omens told him a boy would be coming and he would need his help. He is going to help Santiago and point him in the direction of his treasure. As they start crossing the desert, the alchemist speaks to the boy about hearts and how wherever his heart is , where he will find the treasure. He teaches him how to find life in the desert and how love never stops a man from pursuing his Personal Legend.

The Arab alchemist says he is just a guide for Santiago, who is the real alchemist and who can transform himself into the wind and destroy all the military camp with his force, should he chose to. The chief is intrigued and wants to see the foreigner manifest this power. He gives them 3 days for Santiago to manifest into the wind and if he fails, their heads are at stake.

The alchemist advises him not to be afraid of failure and just learn how to be the wind. He spends both days looking out over the desert. On the third day, everyone gathers to see him transform into the wind. The boy starts speaking to the desert about his love and asks him to help him get back to his beloved Fatima.

The desert offers to give his sands for the wind to blow, but he cannot do it without the help of the wind. So the boy speaks to the wind, asking him for help. He suggests asking heaven for help. The sun says he knows about love and begins to shine brighter.

But still, they cannot transform the boy into the wind. They advise Santiago to speak with the hand that wrote it all. The universe falls silent, the boy begins to pray and a current of love rushes from his heart. The boy reached through to the Soul of the World and saw that it was a part of the Soul of God. And he saw that the Soul of God was his own soul. And that he, a boy, could perform miracles.

The Alchemist

He transforms into the wind for all things are one and saves his life. The chief of the tribe allows them to leave. He separates a disk of gold into 4 pieces: one for him, one for the boy, one for the monastery and one for the monk to keep for the boy if he ever needs it.

Santiago continues his journey alone and reaches the pyramids, where he sees a scarab beetle scuttling through the sand. But then he meets Melchizedek, the King of Salem.

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Melchizedek educates Santiago about good and bad omens and tells him that it is his duty to pursue his Personal Legend. The king provides Santiago with two stones to help interpret omens, Urim and Thummim. Santiago then proceeds to sell his stock and download a boat ticket to Tangier in Northern Africa. There, he encounters misfortune when a thief steals all his money, so almost immediately, Santiago considers giving up.

He begins to look for a job so that he can save enough money for a ticket home. He finds work in a crystal shop, and after 11 months of work, he is unsure about what he should do. He has made a significant amount of money, so he could return home to Andalusia and download more sheep than he had before. Or he could join a caravan across the Sahara in pursuit of his Personal Legend. Upon choosing the latter, Santiago meets and Englishman who is attempting to learn the secret of alchemy — the conversion of any metal into gold.

The Englishman is travelling to meet a famous alchemist near an oasis along the way.

Upon arriving at the oasis, Santiago meets a girl named Fatima and falls in love. Unfortunately, with their arrival, the chieftain of the oasis notifies them that tribal warfare occurring in the desert will not allow them to carry on with their journey.

Shortly after this, as Santiago wanders the desert, he has a vision of an army entering the oasis. Worried, Santiago shares his vision with the chieftain.

Soon afterwards, Santiago encounters a veiled stranger on a white horse.He begins to look for a job so that he can save enough money for a ticket home.

Albeit having sold "well", the publisher after a year decided to give Coelho back the rights. For a tenth of his treasure, she foretells that he should go to the Pyramids and there he shall find the treasure.

For two days he continues to dream a same dream. Click To Tweet So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you. Santiago ponders over things around him, often his sheep.

Click To Tweet The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times and to get up eight times.

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So Santiago is left to carry on with his Personal Legend and claim it by himself. Stay tuned, and give Paolo Coelho a chance to answer your questions. Santiago, seeking clarification about the dream, speaks to an old woman who informs him that the dream is prophetic and he must pursue it.

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