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Againstthem stood diverse elements of the Hungarian people and society,ranging from Jews, Liberals, the remnants of Social Democrats, tocommitted conservatives, men close to the Regent Horthy, theremaining aristocracy, other men here and there within the top layersof the government, very much so in the case of the Foreign Ministry,and also the since February Prime Minister Count Pl Teleki. These men knew that their main duty from now on was to preservetherelativeindependence and sovereignty of Hungary.

They knew,too, that they had to struggle not only against German power but alsoagainst waves of domestic public opinion and popular sentiment.

They also recognized, surely at the latest by , that the onlycounterweight against Hitlers domination of Europe was Great Britain. It is for this reason that the history of the relationship of Hungary withGreat Britain, until December , is especially telling and interesting. Much, though not all, of this existed on the level of governmental,that is, diplomatic, relations.

Their record, precisely and carefullypresented in this book, is significant enough. We must keep in mindthat this functioned on a high, and in many ways confidential, level.

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The staff of the Hungarian Foreign Ministry was conservative, old-fashioned, semi-aristocraticnot typical of the majority of theHungarian official bureaucracy. A newer, populist, nationalist asdistinct from patriotic and, by and large, Germanophile presence inthe Foreign Ministry existed only here and there.

Contemplating thisyears later we have the sense and the climate of a vanished worldwhich should deserve at least some of our respect. Of course it was notquite as simple as that.

The minister of Hungary in Britain, GyrgyBarcza, was a committed Anglophile and Germanophobe; his PrimeMinister Teleki shared many, though by no means all, of Barczas ix convictions and views. Teleki understood, even more profoundly thanBarcza, the constraints of Hungarys situation; and also the conditionthat, even in the best of instances, Hungary could not expect muchfrom Britain or, indeed, from the English-speaking powers.

On thenight of 23 April Teleki shot himself. This was a desperate actto demonstrate his and his nations honour, a silent protest againstaccepting Hitlers demand that Hungary join in his invasion ofYugoslavia a state with which Hungary had signed an accord ofeternal friendship but a few months before.

Hungarian-British Diplomacy 1938-1941: The Attempt to Maintain Relations

Churchill understood this. He had a sympathy for Hungary and anextraordinary knowledge of its history, going back many years. In April, despite Hungary joining with Germany by invading what wasleft of Yugoslavia, Churchill chose not to declare war on Hungary butonly to terminate diplomatic relations.

The British declaration of war,summarily requested by Stalin, came only in December From May to February the course of the Hungarian shipof state was largely set by three prime ministers: Imrdy, Teleki andBrdossy.

One of the most valuable portions of this book is Bnsspecial description and analysis of these three prime ministers,including their inclinations but also the dualities of their characters. This alone amounts to a departure from the habitual practices ofmundane diplomatic history. To another unique feature of this book I must now turn.

There is adifference between the history of diplomatic and the history ofinternational relations. The former, largely restricted to the relationsand communications of courts to courts, of governments to othergovernments, had its origins in the city-states of fifteenth-century Italy,when the rulers of Venice, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Rome, etc.

Such permanent representations then spreadacross Europe after the Thirty Years War. The primary sources ofdiplomatic history were, accordingly, ambassadorial reports. Thisremained largely so as late as the early twentieth century. Yetinternational, as distinct from diplomatic, history is something else.

Itinvolves more than relations through the instruments and institutionsof governmental foreign policy. The very word international firstappeared in English as late as around ; in Hungarian not before At that time international relations, including travel, trade andfinance, affected only a tiny fraction of peoples.

A Hungarian working x man or peasant was not likely to have ever seen an Englishman, whileEnglishmen had but very few notions or images of Hungarians. Butthen came a change. With the spread of literacy, with newspapers,photography, travel, still and moving pictures, etc. These images were often superficial,they could be manipulated, but their existence was real, and theyaffected the very policies of respective governments.

The French historian Pierre Renouvin was one of the first tocomprehend and represent the difference between diplomatic historyand the broader and sometimes deeper scope of a history ofinternational relations.

One generation later another French historian,Ren Rmond, exemplified this in two volumes of his Les Etats-Unisdevant lopinion franaise , including research on anddescription of matters such as emigration, travel, foreign trade,translation and reception of literary works, the evolution of the press,of the reading public, etc. Thus the breadth and sometimes thedepth of matters involving international relations renders thehistorians work more difficult: his main problem is no longer that ofthe relative rarity but that of a veritable profusion of sources.

This is what this excellent young Hungarian historian, Andrs Bn achieved in this book. In addition to the diplomatic andgovernmental records, his studies and reconstruction of relations oftrade, of travel, of the press, of literary and artistic pro ductions, oftranslations and of the influences of migrs, etc.

This is unusual and, in onesense, novel and path-breaking. It illustrates the great maxim of JacobBurckhardt, who said that history really has no method of its own,save for the overall condition: Bisogna saper leggereone must know howto read.

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The Buddha and His Teachings

I, 76; II, 13; Vin. Pairing A Bluetooth Telephone. They appear in the language of theircommunications to the representatives of a small faraway country, inthe middle of a German-ruled Europe. The tathgata, O Vaccha, who has been released from feeling, is deep, immeasurable, unfathomable, like the mighty ocean.

How is it, venerable Gotama, that when you are asked, iv Does venerable Gotama hold the view that the world is infinite, and that this alone is true, and every other view is false?


Let Gotama receive me who have betaken myself to him for refuge, and accept me as a disciple from this day forth as long as life shall last.

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