Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in a woman's life where she needs to take care of not only herself but also the budding life within her. Nutan. Online shopping from a great selection at Books Store. Pregnancy Care (गर्भावस्था) in Hindi; Know all about pregnancy in Hindi language, this section will you Provides information and articles on childbirth and .

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Read/Download. Books For You offers Hindi Books, download Hindi Books Online, Cheap Hindi Books, Online Hindi. Bookstore. Pregnancy & Child Care _ · Bengali . Check out a book on pregnancy. Figure out what to do about chemical birth control, like the birth control pill. Stop smoking. There are many programs to help you. Download Pregnancy Care & Tips in Hindi apk for Android. All Pregnancy details are taken from the best doctors articles.

For instance, they are more likely to have a very big child with a birth weight of over 4, g or 4, g macrosomia , and are more likely to need a Cesarean section. They are also more likely to have difficulties losing the extra weight after giving birth. Very fast weight gain as a sign of health problems If a woman puts on weight very suddenly, or if she generally gains more than half a kilogram per week, her weight will be monitored by a doctor or midwife.

Additional tests and examinations might be needed too. Very fast and extreme weight gain such as 1 kilogram within a week can be a sign of health problems such as pre-eclampsia. The main symptom of this pregnancy-related condition is high blood pressure, sometimes accompanied by nausea, headaches and dizziness too. Pre-eclampsia can be life-threatening for both the mother and her child, and it needs to be treated by a doctor as soon as possible.

Gestational diabetes is where blood sugar levels increase in women who didn't have diabetes before becoming pregnant. Gestational diabetes increases the risk of pre-eclampsia, and can result in the unborn baby putting on a lot of weight. Does avoiding too much weight gain have any advantages?

Paying special attention to diet and getting more exercise during pregnancy may lower certain health risks. This will depend on several factors, including whether the woman is overweight or has gestational diabetes.

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Research hasn't shown any advantages for women who have a normal weight. But women who are very overweight BMI of over 30 can lower their risk of gestational diabetes by changing their diet and getting more exercise. Previous studies haven't shown that this will lower the risk of complications during childbirth or prevent the need for a Cesarean section, though.

Women with gestational diabetes are advised to change their diet in order to lower their blood sugar levels. That can lower the risk of complications during childbirth. Other common advice includes eating three not-too-big main meals and two to three smaller meals per day. The exact dietary changes to be made will depend on things like how much the woman weighs and how much exercise she gets.

Getting special advice from a nutritional therapist can help to avoid adverse effects. Doing at least 30 minutes of a strenuous physical activity on about three to four days per week is often enough. Suitable types of exercise include swimming, cycling and brisk walking. Women with a greater risk of preterm birth are usually advised to avoid sports altogether. When in doubt, don't hesitate to ask a gynecologist. How can underweight pregnant women gain enough weight?

If a woman who is underweight becomes pregnant and finds it difficult to put on weight, she can seek advice from her doctor or midwife. Studies suggest that professional dietary advice can help women gain weight and lower the risk of giving birth too early preterm birth.

Protein supplements have been found to help some underweight women increase their weight. This lowers the risk of their child being born underweight, as well as reducing the risk of having a miscarriage.

Research also suggests that these very high-protein products might limit the growth of the baby. So it's important to make sure you get a balanced mix of nutrients.

Does watching your weight prevent stretch marks? There is no clear answer to this question yet. Although there are many claims about what causes stretch marks and what might help, none of them have been confirmed in good-quality research. Whether or not women get stretch marks not only depends on how much weight they gain in total. Factors like how fast they gain weight can make a difference too. For instance, gaining a lot of weight very suddenly can cause more stretch marks than gaining weight gradually.

But it's not clear whether stretch marks can be prevented by keeping your weight down.

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Losing weight after having a baby Many mothers find that it takes a while before they reach their pre-pregnancy weight again. For some women, breastfeeding and taking care of a baby are enough to melt away the weight gained during pregnancy: It's as though they really need this stored up energy to help get through the first few weeks and months of motherhood. But most women won't really get close to their pre-pregnancy weight until perhaps six months after giving birth.

Women who don't lose weight, or even gain weight instead, might have a higher risk of health problems.

Pregnancy Care & Tips in Hindi

These problems could get worse in other pregnancies. The best way to lose weight is by combining a change in diet with extra physical exercise. Exercise alone probably won't do much. Through this letter the girls appeal their parents to support them in attending the sessions at the GRC.

This is an effective tool designed to open up channels of communication between the husbands and the married girls. The letter is written on behalf of the married girls addressed to their migrant husbands informing them about the gender resource centres and the health related information that the girls receive at these centres.


It consists of sessions on general ways of facilitation, interpersonal skills, importance of monthly meeting and home visits, ways to conduct effective group meeting on following topics: Safe motherhood, early pregnancy, Birth spacing, Contraception, Causes and results of repeated pregnancy, Safe abortion, Gender and sex; and Government schemes related to sexual and reproductive health.

It has been designed with the intention to enable educators to train the community on issues related to gender, sexuality, STI and HIV and bringing the community closer to the prevailing public health delivery system at village and block level by educating them on available health facilities.

There has been a growing realization of this group as special but still efforts are required to promote and protect their health and development. This kit also highlights some of the key issues of Education retention, Early marriage and early pregnancy. It also depicts the testing facility available at all DMC and use of DOTs medicine as cure of the disease at free of cost.

Patient Charter talks about rights and responsibilities of TB patients. Many of them are unaware of the fact that they are engaged in advocacy efforts while they are spreading awareness and mobilizing people towards achieving their rightful claims.To help protect babies during this time when they are most vulnerable, women should get the tetanus toxoid, reduced diphtheria toxoid, and acellular pertussis vaccine Tdap during each pregnancy.

Shashi Verma. Yateesh Agrawal List Price: Women with healthy pregnancies who want to be cared for as a public patient are usually advised to book in at their closest maternity hospital. Vinubhai Patel Dr.

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