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Well, here is a gift from Dr Long to you for , a free download of book George's fifth FREE EBook: My_Defining Moments in ( downloads). to perform the duties of the Health and Safety Officer (HSO). .. Commission on Fire Accreditation International (CFAI) has issued a self-assessment guide book ( Safety engineer interview questions and answers pdf, Safety officer Sorry, something . FREE Download Health and Safety Books [PDF]. Health and Safety .

If photographs were taken, include them in the report. The report should also note any best practices and any improvements since the last inspection.

Include a reasonable time line for corrective actions.

Be sure to follow up with the laboratory to ensure that recommended corrections are made. Corrective Actions In most cases, laboratory personnel will take the appropriate corrective actions once they have been made aware of an issue.

If the laboratory supervisor is not supportive and the necessary changes are not made, the inspectors and EHS and other appropriate individuals in the organization will have to decide whether the infractions are serious enough to put either the health or safety of laboratory personnel at risk or the institution at risk for violation of a regulation or code.

The organization must decide what steps to take for those individuals or laboratory groups that are using unsafe work practices or are not in compliance with institutional policies or external regulations.

Items to Include in an Inspection Program The following list is representative, not exhaustive: Required PPE is available and used consistently and correctly e. Compressed gas cylinders are secured correctly, cylinders are capped if not connected for use, and proper regulators are used. Limitations on where food and drink storage and eating and drinking are allowed are observed.

Electrical cords are off surfaces where spills of flammable materials are likely, and cords are in good condition, not displaying signs of excessive wear fraying, cords are not pinched.

Equipment not meeting National Electrical Safety Code Division 1, Group C and D explosion-resistance specifications are electrically inspected prior to use in the laboratory.

See Chapter 7 , section 7. Laboratory chemical hoods have been tested and are operated with inspection information visible, hoods are used properly, work is conducted inside 6 in.

Food Safety Officer 2014 – Question Paper (Solved)

Access to emergency equipment is unobstructed e. Aisles are unobstructed and minimum egress is maintained. Minimum clearance to sprinkler heads, as required by local building and fire codes, is maintained.

Chemicals are properly stored and segregated e. Personnel demonstrate ability to access MSDSs or other chemical safety references and knowledge of handling requirements for various classifications of materials. Rotating machinery and high-temperature devices have appropriate guards. Safety switches and emergency stops are working. Associated egress corridors are unobstructed and minimum egress as required by building and fire codes is maintained. Combustible and surplus materials and equipment are removed from exit passageways.

Depending on the laboratory and the type of work conducted in it, other items may also be targeted for inspection Box 2.

Excerpt from an Inspection Checklist. Fire Alarm Policy When a fire alarm sounds in the facility, evacuate the laboratory immediately via the nearest exit. Extinguish all Bunsen burner and equipment flames. If the fire originates in your laboratory, follow all institutional policies regarding firefighting and suppression.

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Check restrooms and other areas with possible limited audio or visual notification of an alarm before exiting the facility. Where necessary, provide assistance to persons with disabilities to ensure they are able to exit the facility.

Emergency Safety Equipment The following is a guide to safety equipment found in a laboratory. A written EAP has been developed and communicated to all personnel in the unit. The plan includes procedures for evacuation, ventilation failure, first aid, and incident reporting. Fire extinguishers are available in the laboratory and tested on a regular basis.

If a fire extinguisher is activated for any reason, make an immediate report of the activity to the CHO, fire marshal, or appropriate individual responsible for fire safety equipment so that the fire extinguisher is replaced in a timely manner. Eyewash units are available, inspected, and tested on a regular basis.

Safety showers are available and tested routinely. Fire blankets are available in the laboratory, as required. Fire blankets can be used to wrap a burn victim to douse flames as well as to cover a shock victim and to provide a privacy shield when treating a victim under a safety shower in the event of a chemical spill. NOTE: Laboratory personnel should be taught that fire blankets can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Wrapping a fire blanket around a person on fire can result in a chimney-like effect that intensifies, rather than extinguishes, the fire.

Fire blankets should never be used on a person when they are standing. First-aid equipment is accessible, whether through a kit available in the laboratory or by request through the organization. Fire alarms and telephones are available and accessible for emergency use.

Pathways to fire extinguishers, eyewash units, fire blankets, first-aid kits, and safety showers are clear. Chemical Spill Policy Laboratory personnel should be familiar with the chemical, physical, and toxicological properties of each hazardous substance in the laboratory.

Consult the label and the MSDS prior to the initial use of each hazardous substance. Always use the minimal amount of the chemical and use caution when transporting the chemical.

In the event of an accidental chemical release or spill, personnel should refer to the following general guidelines. Most laboratory workers should be able to clean up incidental spills of the materials they use. Large spills, for example, 4 L or more, may require materials, protective equipment, and special handling that make it unsafe for cleanup by laboratory workers themselves.

Lab workers should be instructed to contact EHS personnel to evaluate how to proceed with spill cleanup. In the event that the spill material has been released to the environment, notify EHS personnel immediately.

A release to the environment includes spills directly into a drain or waterway or onto land, such as grass or dirt. Low-flammability and low-toxicity materials that are not volatile e. Take other appropriate action as described in the MSDS.

Notify appropriate personnel immediately. Wear PPE that is appropriate to the degree of hazard of the spilled substance. Use chemical spill kits that contain an inert absorbent to clean up the affected area if this action can be accomplished without risk of additional injury or contamination to personnel. If the spill is located on the laboratory floor, be aware that some absorbents can create a slipping hazard. Dispose of contaminated materials according to institutional policy.

Complete an incident report and submit it to the appropriate office or individual. Label all phones with emergency phone numbers. Flammable solvents of low toxicity e. Alert all other personnel in the laboratory and the general vicinity of the spill. Extinguish all flames and turn off any spark-producing equipment. If necessary, turn off power to the laboratory at the circuit breaker. The ventilation system must remain operational. Immediately notify appropriate personnel.

Use spill pillows or spill absorbent and nonsparking tools to soak up the solvent as quickly as possible. Be sure to soak up chemicals that have seeped under equipment and other objects in the laboratory. Highly toxic materials e. Decontaminate any victims at a safety shower or eyewash unit in a safe location. Take other appropriate decontamination action as described in the MSDS.

This announcement means that there are two free downloads in the series of risk — Fallibility and Risk https: And, Free videos: Real Risk brings some important language to the debate about risk and safety namely: Real Risk is full of stories, anecdotes, practical tools and challenging ideas. I hope you enjoy it and please give feedback.

Dr Long has just completed book seven in his series on risk and is offering his latest book Fallibility and Risk, Living With Uncertainty as a free download. In downloading this free book you will be added to the mailing list to receive this quarterly newsletter. Please note: If you find the academic level of the book a bit challenging then it may be best to read the first book Risk Makes Sense. Who else could perform such a critical role? After all I was a Safety Manager, and with that, a bastion of all knowledge about risk.

I even had a consulting business named Dolphin Safety Solutions. But what did I really understand of intelligence?

Our modern world seems to place a special value on intelligence. A tension that we all must live with if we are to be fallible beings in this world?

Download the book here: If you are a new Safety Person and want to learn more in 4 hours than in 4 years at Safety Uni or if you are seasoned Safety Pro and sick of bashing your head against the wall or if you have a responsibility for safety at work ie every one of us then do yourself a big favour and download these free resources. Sadly, the Author, of these books, George Robotham, passed away on September 11 But I do want to say that he is utterly wanting in moral stature.

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Some other can approve the only woman that others Will from the happenings they overhead.Milk and milk products should be pasteurized. Putting on the zero harm face, presenting statistics, knowing it has nothing to do with culture, risk or safety. The organization must decide what steps to take for those individuals or laboratory groups that are using unsafe work practices or are not in compliance with institutional policies or external regulations.

Take notes and make comments on the inspection form to be able to recall the details and describe any problems in the report.

EHS personnel will evaluate the hazards that are involved with the spill and will take the appropriate actions. But what did I really understand of intelligence? Self-confidence and motivation will always help you out scoring more marks in the exam.

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