2. Hackers and Painters. Hackers are makers, like painters or architects or writers. 3. What You Can't Say. How to think heretical thoughts and what to do . We are living in the computer age, in a world increasingly designed and engineered by computer programmers and software designers, by people who call themselves hackers. Paul Graham, designer of the new Arc language, was the creator of Yahoo Store, the first web-based application. Hackers and Painters. When I finished grad school in computer science I went to art school to study painting. A lot of people seemed surprised that someone.

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And there's nothing similar between them since each group is interested in two entirely different things. In “Hackers and Painters,” Paul Graham. "The computer world is like an intellectual Wild West, in which you can shoot anyone you wish with your ideas, if you're willing to risk the consequences. " -- from. 资料共享. Contribute to Pines-Cheng/share development by creating an account on GitHub.

Sacrificing four years to insults and solitude for a lifetime of knowledge and a shot at immortality is worthwhile. Originality , after all, is nothing more but an act of transgressing the limitations. If these are humanmade — i. And just a small number of the latter wear the black hat.

Hackers & Painters (pdf)

The other, just like Picasso or Dali, are merely interested in the limitations of the systems which proceeded them. The Freaks and Geeks of the World: Painters and Hackers 2.

They are neither fashionable nor adhere to social conventions. The second, on the other hand, is comprised of math geniuses who know how to solve these equations the second they look at them. The freaks have inherited the earth.

At first glance, painters and hackers have nothing to share between them. After all, the least favorite subject of either group is usually the one the other group thrives in. For example, as is most apparent, both are uninterested in fashion.

Hackers and Painters Summary

A less obvious similarity between them is the fact that both think that morals are seasonal. Possibly even counter-intuitive and, yet, true both are more rebellious than both delinquents and jocks.

Well, both are interested profoundly in how to transgress the limitations of a system. And the reality is — if art composition rules were laws, Picasso would have been tried. Finally, both hackers and painters only are successful if they create something good. Or, in other words, something other people will like.

Hackers and Painters - Big Ideas from the Computer Age - By Paul Graham.pdf

Whether a program or a painting — create it, see the reaction, and then improve it. Like this summary? And, truth be told, the book reads more like a collection of essays than a cohesively structured unit.

However, the writing style and the first half of the book makes up for it. What else is highly location-dependent, seasonal and fluctuates a lot? Instead, they hold on to their values. Lesson 2: Hackers are much more similar to painters, rather than mathematicians.

Most people imagine hackers as very calculated people, meticulous planners, who are very analytical. The very definition of a hacker gets this wrong quite often.

It can be. For example, in college Paul Graham was taught to write his code on paper, perfect it, and only then transfer it to a computer.

Hackers are artists, just like painters. Lesson 3: The ultimate test of your coding skills is user feedback, so try to get it fast!

A University for Life Skills

Worse is better. Jane Austen knew that already.

Since the value of your work as a programmer is determined by what people think of your projects, the fastest way to get better is to get your work in front of others. Just build a raw, stripped-down prototype with the core functionality and ship it. A great chair has to be primarily one thing: comfortable.No direct sales, advertisements, or self-promotion No direct sales, advertisements, or promotional posts of any kind.

He explains secrets of programming, languages, and human nature that can only be learned from the hacker experience. First, in the computer world, the term hacker refers to an outstanding programmer who can do almost anything, not necessarily a criminal. How can we practice diligence if doing a full day's worth of work takes about 20 minutes thanks to dishwashers, little vacuum robots, the internet of things, Siri and her siblings, self-driving cars.

Paul has also started writing essays about programming, startups, entrepreneurship and other topics, some of which were bundled up in this book and released in Chapter 1: By founding a start-up around a great idea, a computer programmer can even make a fortune. Because being rebellious means questioning authority, whether the government or experts in your field.

Second, you could employ statistical filtering, whereby every word in an incoming email would be analyzed, with the computer calculating the probability of the message being spam.

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