Maximum Ride: the angel experiment / by James Patterson. — 1st ed. Summary: After the mutant Erasers abduct the youngest member of their group, the. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. Home · Maximum Ride: The Angel James Patterson - Maximum Ride 1 - The Angel Experiment · Read more. James Patterson - Maximum Ride 1 - The Angel Experiment. Home · James Patterson - Maximum Ride 1 - The Angel Experiment.

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Maximum Ride - The Angel Experiment. Pages·· KB·7 Downloads. Maximum Ride: the angel experiment / by James Patterson. — 1st ed. Maximum Ride and her “flock” — Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel — are just like ordinary kids, only they have wings and can fly. It may seem like a dream . The Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, #1). Six unforgettable kids — with no families, no homes — are running for their lives. Max Ride and her best friends.

The Flock escapes The School and with a happy reconnection of the whole Flock together Max has a massive headache described as a brain explosion which later theorized as her brain making space for a Voice other than her own which pops up in her head. With the Flock unsure of whether the voice is a friend or foe, Max decides to follow its cryptic instruction.

The voice leads Max and the Flock to The Institute, where they find a lab similar to The School and information on their unknown parents.

At the Institute, the Flock also found several mutants and set them free. Angel then brings a pet dog named Total with her and escapes with the Flock.

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As they escape, Max has to fight with Ari and wins by snapping his neck bone by accident. The book ends with the Flock beginning their journey to Washington D.

List of characters[ edit ]. The tempo and rhythm of the score are in perfect harmony with the action and characters throughout the audiobook.

Maximum Ride 07 – Angel

Gently playing in the background, the music never overpowers or distracts from the narration, so listeners can enjoy every minute. When you download this Booktrack edition, you receive the exact narration as the traditional audiobook available, with the addition of music throughout.

The Angel Experiment by James Patterson. Discover the first three books in the 1 New York Times bestselling series that inspired the movie and manga-now in one collection!

Join Max and her flock on three Maximum Ride adventures: From the deadly heat of Death Valley to the treetops of Central Park in Manhattan, this is one set of adventures you will never forget.

Maximum Ride: But the Erasers return, forcing the Flock to abandon their search and make their escape once again. Join Max and her friends on a wild ride to save the world.

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The time has come to face the ultimate enemy. These 6 kids were taken away when they were babies.

They were experimented on and were turned into avian hybrids meaning they have wings and can fly. They also have extra powers.

Angel can read minds, control minds, breathe underwater, and talk to fish. Gasman can mimic people.

Max has a voice in her head and can fly really fast. Nudge can touch things and know what happened there.

Maximum Ride 07 – Angel

Erasers are always after them. Max was told that she was created to save the world. Along the way they meet people and do other stuff, too.Take Control [pdf] by Carla Russo.

It focuses on Maximum Ride Max , the leader of the flock, and the first-person narrator and protagonist of the story. Rise of the Silver Surfer writing the script.

They consist of half a dozen kids ranging in age from 6 years old to 17, led by our heroine, Miss Maximum Max Ride herself Giving Up Smoking pdf by Loulou Brown.

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