I just upgraded to the beta (and then dev) version 2. I performed the database updates on my site (from v1.x) and when I visit the print/pdf config. When using print module to get pdf of a node QR code is not displayed, the text fom the code is displayed instead. Any help?. The problem seems to be specific to PDF files only, as other files (JPG, etc) seem to upload OK. File size doesn't seem to make any difference.

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Hi, I have webform2pdf dev version. After submit the webform, I do receive an email with the pdf attachment (file size 0bytes). I tried to open. Hello I am a new web admin for several different sites that use drupal. I am creating a site for a new department and am having some trouble. hello, How I config this module to show pdf file that is privated. tnks. http:// mysite/system/files/canlirecvima.tk can't be accessed, and canlirecvima.tk

In Drupal 7, numerous solutions addressed the problem with different and sometimes competing approaches. In this article, you will find: What Drupal 8 core offers out-of-the-box for embedding images inside rich text How to create a WYSIWYG embed button with the Entity Embed module with some common pitfalls you may encounter along the way How to embed remote media assets with the URL Embed module again, with some common pitfalls!

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Additional resources on how to extend and integrate your embedding solutions with other tools from the Media ecosystem. It also comes with an easy-to-use tool to embed local images in your text. But what if the content you want to embed is not an image?

I am sure you have come across something like this before: or this: These are all examples of non-image media assets that needed to be embedded as well.

Drupal 8 is in development. Drupal 5 is no longer supported. And we're still building most of our sites in Drupal 6.

Anybody who has built a Drupal site starts out with the big question: what version should I use? Drupal 7 isn't yet the slam-dunk answer.

The reason? There are still a ton of very useful modules that are not yet available for Drupal 7 -- and many that are not even close. Drupal 7 is a far better platform to develop on. However, there is so much already done on 6 that we can roll out D6 sites much quicker for our clients, at much lower cost, for all but the most simple brochure sites. We have done 2 D7 sites so far, and over 50 D6. D7 isn't even faster it turns out -- the main reason for going to D7 is that D6 is going to get left behind when D8 gets rolled out -- but at the current rate that's still a couple more years.

Drupal has a horrible reputation for painful upgrades. I would say that's largely an issue of the past -- most module maintainers provide decent upgrade scripts, upgrades tend to happen with no data loss and very little functionality change.

But as a highly commercial platform not proprietary, mind you, just used by lots of businesses customers need to pay to get modules updated to the new releases, since most of the development of contributed modules is done by companies like Freelock, who get paid to do the work.

And as long as it's cheaper to roll out a D6 site, and few other compelling functionality reasons to upgrade to D7, not many clients are willling to foot the bill to get the job done.

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Abandoned modules Or worse, modules that get replaced by an entirely different approach. In the early days of Drupal, most site building was done by people programming custom modules on top of the Form API and the various other parts of the Drupal internals.

Enough of these were generalized and shared back to the community that the next phase was characterized by thousands of single-purpose modules -- install exactly what you need for each feature you want to provide, and perhaps need over a hundred on your site. Now the number of modules you need is getting far less -- we have more general purpose, extremely powerful modules like Views, Rules, Display Suite, Features, and Context.

As a result, the single-purpose modules are becoming obsolete, and developers pretty much abandon them.

Blog/ Configuring Drupal Commerce checkout process

This is actually a good thing -- these power modules really let a site builder build exactly what they want. But they also each have their own learning curve -- it's not as simple to drop in and turn on the functionality you want, you generally need to configure the behavior you want after installing the power module.

This makes the Drupal learning curve even tougher for people who just want a site -- if you don't know how to use the power modules effectively, you can easily get frustrated when you find exactly the module you want -- but it hasn't been updated for 2 years.

Or if you've been using a module for years, and it's no longer supported -- and there is no clear upgrade path to something else. This is where Drupal has turned professional. Site building in Drupal takes a lot of knowledge to do rapidly.

And that's not knowledge even the best non-Drupal developers can get quickly -- so much of this knowledge is very specific to Drupal. Knowing which power modules can address the shortcomings of Drupal core, knowing when it's time to drop in a power module, knowing how to use the interface -- these you can figure out. But how do you even know the power module exists?

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That's why good Drupal freelancers and shops are expensive -- they're in demand, and they can do amazing things very quickly. Or make a template for the specific attachment field? I have encountered similar problem and found that it was related to the File Entity module. I needed to grant the permission "Document: Download any files" for the anonymous user.

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See what nearly 90, developers picked as their most loved, dreaded, and desired coding languages and more in the Developer Survey. Attached files not appearing for anonymous users in Drupal 7 View page Ask Question.

After that the fields content is shown in view for anonymous user. The problem was with the "Download link" formatter in Views.My entity has several displays and it happens event if I embed a content node.

Part 2: How to Embed Media Entities

Thanks or the tutorial, just a couple of notes: I have provided details as below. April and salary with experience.


But, you can adjust that by returning to display settings and changing the cog options. Some data has already been output, can't send PDF. Hot Network Questions.

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