Check out some of the eighteen amazing designers who have contributed to the Tide of Iron: Designer Series. Michael Bennighof Panzer Grenadier Richard. Does anyone know where we can get rules to Tide of Iron in pdf? designer ยท mb . Be aware those are the original rules and not the . FF has abandoned this game series so I wouldn't look to them for help or posted rules. This hard-cover collection of twenty new scenarios for Tide of Iron features the work of eighteen of the most accomplished wargame designers in recent history.

Tide Of Iron Designer Series Pdf

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Tide of Iron: Designer Series, Vol. 1. +. Tide of Iron: Fury of the Bear. +. Tide of Iron Next Wave Days of The Fox Board Game. Total price: $ Add all three to. Files - Sorted By Date Tide of Iron. Sort: This is a spreadsheet that I made that has stats for all units in Tide of Iron. 30th Division canlirecvima.tk ( KB). Tide of Iron is a great WW2 board game! A scenario-based, tactical level game for two to four players with a variety of maps, cards, objectives and victory.

A lot of work and he stated he has little free time. So it might be a while. Rob W.

Tide of Iron Review

Ken, The link provided two posts above is what I am referring to. As stated, a fellow in Australia is working on a pdf of these rules. As far as rules, start with 1A Next Wave rules. They are the latest and best. FF has abandoned this game series so I wouldn't look to them for help or posted rules.

They can't post much on their site due to copyright issues. Bill, 1A owner, is on FB a lot and can answer questions as can the people in the group. FOTB expansion needs work so just use the special rules and house rule as needed. Hope this helps, it is a great game once you get into it. If you find it at a good price, think about downloading it.

Not for the Russians, but the extra German units are good to have AND the boards and tiles are winter themed. Great for Bulge and other winter month western front scenarios. After all, its all about the looks. Likewise, Stalingrad is good for urban boards. As far as the rules go, they are as clean as can be if you use the 1A set. So, if you don't own the expansion, the rules aren't going to help you.

They also include scenarios in that rule book, but again you need the expansion to use them. Worth having but far from essential. Specialties change for expansion used not Next Wave, next update maybe Version 1. The spreadsheet scenario editor has gotten better!

Now includes the operations card for Next Wave! Specialties change for expansion used not Next Wave, next update maybe. The excel spreadsheet editor has been improved! Now specializations, strategy cards, and operations cards change according to what expansion is used. Set the expansion used on the top left of the input sheet and available specializations, strategy and operations cards change accordingly.

Use less ink to print your scenario. Use tileset to make the map and print it on the back. Spelling mistakes corrected. Version 1. This Excel spreadsheet allows you to set up and print scenarios without using tons of ink.

Use Tileset to make the map and print it on the back. This don't include strategy and operations cards from the Stalingrad expansion, as I don't have that expansion, but they could be easily added in.

Instructions included. The Battle of St Bathelmy can be found on the Normandy files page. After a while and several playtests, here comes the next version with a giant changelog.

In this guide, you will find all rules necessary to play this modification with your group with minimal effort. There is no need to create new game material; it will only be used in ways unknown to your current game experience.

Wargames by Title/Series: T

The basic game principles shall be explained in short: The players start the game with only a limited number of units and will download new units over the course of the game. The objective is to gain a tactical advantage over the battlefield, which is represented by victory points.

If one side ever hits zero, it loses. Every player owns headquarters where new units can come into action that also serves as a reinforcement zone in which killed units are replaced. Additionally, players will accumulate experience by killing enemy units.

This experience can be used to gain access to doctrine abilities, which allow unique abilities. Every side chooses one doctrine in the beginning of the game. Long time, much development.

The mod has undergone a complete overhaul, which changed a lot of quirks and issues with its previous editions, especially the overpowered infantry. I also trimmed down some of the additional rules and tries to keep the stuff more in line with the vanilla game in terms of key words, how units behave etc.

That being said, there are some major changes to gameplay that I feel improve on the original game, but it may be that you don't like them. Don't despair, the mod works if you ignore many of the rule changes - they just reflect our gaming style.

Please note that all references do not reflect the official rules but the changed ones in this mod. A new version, at last. Introducing Complex tank rules, changing the placing of new units, introducing a heavy tank IS-2 for the Soviets, giving some minor changes.

As always, criticism is welcome! Newest version.

Tide of Iron

Streamlined, lower prices for units, added rules and stats for Fury of the Bear and all obstacles. Added new doctrines. The newest update for the rules. Experience the addition of the russian units, a wealth of new doctrines, the possibility to build pillboxes and several streamlinings of the rules.

The new version of the rules, streamlined, with new features, and finally adding "Fury of the Bear" rules. Check it our and be sure not to miss any rule changes. There are, however, ways introduced at the end of this guide that will explain you how to play the game if you miss one of the expansions. Every player owns headquarters where newly units can come into action, as well as a reinforcement zone where most freshly downloadd units are placed.

This experience can be used to gain access to the strategy cards, which are organized in doctrines to two decks each. It includes a detailed summary of the rules for movement, line of sight, and combat. Kellys heroes. I hope, we haven't played it yet. If you do, please tell us how you did! First typo discovered: It's supposed to be seven rounds, not nine.

Second typo: Remove medic specializations from American division one. Battle of Bastnach. It is not perfect, but it is balanced with equal forces on both sides, and thats why we think it is fun to play. Please enjoy!

As written, if the Finns don't do the correct 2 action in the beginning of the game, the Russian wins easily. If the Finns do the correct 2 actions I hope and think it should be a balanced scenario. Feed back is welcome. Tide of Iron. D-Day Scenario Mederet. Battle of Arracourt. When they approached the roads to Arracourt, they came under fire from the 5th Panzer Division. This scenario was created with a spreadsheet scenario editor I have created.

This is the latest revision. This is the updated and corrected copy of the scenario, Battle of Arracourt.

Sorry about all the typos, but they should all be fixed now. After taking the town of Nancy, the 3rd Armored Battalion continuted east toward the town of Arracourt. This scenario was created with a spreadsheet scenario editor I am currently working on. This is the revision making note of too many specialties with heavy weapons.

Capture the Observation Post. As a result, good observation posts in the crumbling city were of great value and enemy observation posts were prime attack targets.

So it was that this cold autumn morning of , men of the 29th Motorized Infantry Division, assaulted a nearby Soviet observation post. Battle of Avranches. Combat Command B approached from the West and the East.

The Eastern column was comprised mostly of mechanized infantry, and they came under heavy fire from Panzers on a hill overlooking the town.Battlefields often comprise terrain that is a mix of rough, clear, buildings, woods, hills, etc. Scenario details provide further information about the scenario, including information on the number of rounds to be played for that scenario. If a squad in Op Fire mode is pinned or disrupted by an enemy suppressive attack, it is immediately fatigued and is no longer in Op Fire mode.

Remove any markers that expire such as smoke. The tank is immediately fatigued, must stop its movement, and may not fire. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Any unit that is not fatigued is called fresh. Spend Command 4. Fury of the Bear was released in , themed for the conflict on the Eastern Front focusing on the Soviet Union and Germany.

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